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Discover Script Atlas The Only Tool You Need For Endless Content

Script Atlas Welcome to the future of content creation!

Designed for both Windows and Mac, this sophisticated yet user-friendly desktop application is the ultimate toolkit for marketers, writers, and content creators of all kinds.

Your Content Generator Using the Power of AI with No API  Fees & No-Limit Features!

With 20 built-in tools, Script Atlas uses the power of AI to help you save time, reduce costs, and create top-performing content in just minutes.

Your AI Content Toolbox

Catalyze Your Content Creation: Leverage Unprecedented Efficiency and Quality with Script Atlas

Zero API Fees

Unlike other platforms, with Script Atlas, you don’t have to worry about API fees. Generate limitless AI content without additional costs.

Multiple AI Engines

Use any AI engine you want! Don’t be limited by only ChatGPT. Harness the power of Google Bard, Bing Chat, Chat, LLaMA by Meta, Perplexity, Claude AI or even create your own custom Ora chatbot!

No Limits

There is no elite, pro, or upgraded option with Script Atlas. You get everything with absolutely NO LIMITS what so ever and no hidden fees to worry about!

Your Data .. is Yours

Always have full control of your AI generated content on your own computer. Don’t lose your data to the cloud and make sure your data is actually yours!

Boost Efficiency

Streamline your workflow by unifying content creation tasks in one platform, reducing the time spent switching between different applications and tools.

Improve Quality

Generate content that is grammatically correct, stylistically consistent, and tailored to your specific needs. This results in more engaging and effective content that can significantly enhance your marketing efforts.

Script Atlas

Here is what you get

  1. 128 built-in guided prompt scripts in 17 different categories
  2. Passive snippet database containing 564,732 built-in snippets in 9 different categories
  3. marketing prompts snippet database of 742 powerful prompts in 36 different categories
  4. create unlimited custom snippets and categories
  5. built-in blog/article wizard that creates stunning content in 4 simple steps
  6. No API fees ever!
  7. Don’t pay for OpenAI API fees
  8. powerful edge powered built-in web browser engine
  9. pre-filled bookmarks tool containing several free AI content generating links
  10. login passwords tool for getting where you need fast
  11. Extract chatGPT chat threads to internal script editor
  12. Save chatGPT chat threads to full contained HTML files
  13. Never lose any of your AI generated content … Save ALL chatGPT chat threads to HTML files with one click
  14. Easily save any AI content to custom snippets at the click of a mouse
  15. Built-in full HTML script editor packed with TONS of powerful features
  16. Powerful integrated WYIWYG html editor with 50+ integrated editor plugins
  17. Content extraction tool: scrape content from Google News, Google search, and Bing search
  18. Scrape content from ANY given website link
  19. Convert any video or audio file to text with built-in speech to text AI technology
  20. Convert any Youtube video link to text
  21. Built-in language translator with FREE unlimited translations with NO API fees ever!
  22. Built-in language translator content spinning tool
  23. Built-in AI content cloaker to by pass AI content detectors
  24. Built-in AI text to speech tool for generating incredibly perfect sounding voices
  25. Save/Load text to speech setting profiles with one click to save time
  26. Export/Import full source code in the html editor
  27. Unlimited export to PDF feature
  28. Export content to unlimited WordPress sites at the click of a button
  29. Create content snippets directly from the script editor
  30. Quick access AI prompts built into the script editor: Detect important keywords in content, Generate a headline from content, Summarize content, Re-write content, Punctuate content, Suggest images
  31. Built-in image library tool: get 12+ millions of free stock images from Pexels, Pixabay, Unsplash and 6+ million icons from Iconfinder
  32. Built-in image editor
  33. Built-in sophisticated ChatGPT ChatLog Explorer tool that allows you to instantly sort, search, and view any chat thread in your entire chat history in just seconds!
  34. Built-in Prompt Explorer tool with 20,125 pre-loaded prompt templates that allows users to instantly sort, search & find the exact prompts they need fast.
  35. Sell reports, ebooks, and scripts as a content creator to clients and earn 100% of the revenue!
  36. Get extra bonus ChatGPT training, 410K+ PLR articles, AI & ChatGPT videos, Google Bard training, powerful PDF reports and Micro SAAS with AI reports.
  37. Get Script Atlas at the lowest price during this special discount.

Check out all the amazing features. This is the only content generator you will ever need. Plus Get commercial rights

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

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Featured Comments from Beta Testers

Michelle Dupois

Software beta tester

I still use your Pin Inspector software daily, but after testing Script Atlas, I’m now hooked on another of your creations! This software is a powerhouse, and I’m genuinely enjoying it. Thank you for allowing me to be a beta tester for such a brilliant product.

Gabriel Pérez

Software beta tester

When I first saw the capabilities of Script Atlas, I was taken back. It seemed too good to be true that one software could deliver such a multitude of AI-based content creation features. But it did, and it does – seamlessly. I’ve said goodbye to my previous tools and fully embraced Script Atlas. Kudos to the appbreed team for developing such a versatile software!

Trevor Krieger

Software beta tester

Script Atlas has redefined the way I approach content creation. From the snippet database to the integrated image editor, every feature is easy to understand. What I love most is the freedom from OpenAI API fees, a cost-effective solution like this is hard to find. I was lucky to beta test this game-changing software. Dave, you and your team have outdone yourselves with Script Atlas!

Script AI uses not one but many AI tools

The AI revolution is upon us and changing at break-neck speed. As a result, several AI content engines are hitting the market giving you more options to create the content you need. With Script Atlas, you are not limited to just ChatGPT, you can use any engine you want! And better yet … with NO API FEES!

Script Atlas AI engine

Find out how Script Atlas uses all these AI tools

What Script Atlas Can Be used for

Script Atlas Uses

What it can create for your business

What you can create

Here is a list of other uses

  • Blog/Article Wizard
  • Blog/Article Titles
  • Paragraph Script
  • Blog/Article Ideas
  • Blog/Article Outlines
  • Short Blog/Article
  • Blog/Article Intros
  • Conclusions Script
  • Facebook Ads
  • LinkedIn Ads
  • Google Ads
  • General Advertisement
  • App and SMS Notifications
  • Social Media Content Plan
  • LinkedIn Post
  • Instagram Caption
  • X (Twitter) Posts
  • X (Twitter) Series
  • Trending Instagram Hashtags
  • Trending Twitter Hashtags

Also create marketing and other content

  • Pinterest Pin Title and Description
  • Quora Answers
  • Personal Bio
  • Long sales copy
  • Short sales copy
  • Optin Pages
  • Call to Actions
  • Feature/Benefit List
  • Headlines
  • Subheadlines
  • Guarantees
  • Company Bio
  • Find a Niche
  • Unique Value Propositions
  • FAQ Generator
  • Product Description
  • Product Titles
  • Product Features/Bullets
  • Amazon Sponsored Brand Ads Headline
  • Amazon Product Description
  • Amazon Product Features/Bullets
  • Amazon Product Titles

Plus even more

  • Personal Letter
  • Business Letter
  • Cover Letter
  • Reference/Recommendation Letter
  • Resignation Letter
  • Thank You Letter
  • Apology Letter
  • Complaint Letter
  • Invitation Letter
  • Content Rewriter
  • Rewrite with Keywords
  • Niche Ideas
  • Analyze Given Content
  • Investigate a Particular Niche
  • Generate Business Ideas
  • Generate Digital Product Ideas
  • Generate Physical Product Ideas
  • Generate Domain Name Ideas
  • Keyword Research
  • Get an Ebook Idea
  • Ebook Introduction
  • Create Chapters and TOC
  • Create Chapters
  • Ebook Conclusion
  • Create a Disclaimer
  • Ebook Call to Actions
  • Ebook Author Bio
  • SEO Meta Tags
  • SEO Meta Descriptions

Also you can produce

  • Podcast Script
  • Podcast Interview Questions
  • Digital Product Review
  • Physical Product Review
  • Mini-VSL (Video Sales Letter)
  • YouTube Script
  • YouTube Titles
  • YouTube Hashtags
  • YouTube Tags
  • YouTube Descriptions
  • YouTube Hooks
  • YouTube Outlines
  • YouTube Outlines
  • YouTube Shorts
  • TikTok Video Script
  • TikTok Video Hooks
  • TikTok Video Ideas
  • Digital Product Video
  • Physical Product Video
  • Short Ad Video
  • Tutorial Video
  • Informational Video
  • Announcement Video
  • Generate a Business Plan
  • Ebook Headline and Subheadline
  • Facebook Ad Video
  • Email Subject Lines
  • Product or Service Promotion
  • News Announcement Email
  • Product Updates Email
  • Informational Email
  • Cold Outreach Email
  • Autoresponder Series
  • General Support Script
  • Product/Service Access
  • Support Solution for a Problem
  • Support Autoresponder Message
  • Engaging Questions

Finally you can even create these

  • Creative Story
  • Summarize Text
  • Citations Generator
  • Quotes Generator
  • Tone Changer
  • Song Lyrics
  • Real Estate Listing Descriptions
  • PAS Framework
  • Review Responder
  • AIDA Framework
  • Product Names
  • Analogy Maker
  • Growth Ideas
  • Keyword Extractor
  • Listicle Ideas
  • Startup Ideas
  • Translate
  • Make it Easy-to-Read
  • Poem Generator

During This Special Promotion They Are Offering Theses “Action Taker” Bonuses

You will also get a compiled list of top resources for driving free traffic and optimizing your marketing with AI into a set of bonuses only available during this limited-time discount offer.

Bonus #1

ChatGPT Workshop Training Videos

An Over-the-Shoulder Workshop demonstrating how to Integrate ChatGPT into Your Marketing Strategy

20 Easy-to-Follow short video tutorials

Videos provided with and without subtitles

Perfect for beginners and novices

(Value $39)

Bonus #2

410K+ PLR Articles in Over 1,500 Niches

Get a massive set of over 410k+ articles with private label rights allowing you to use as your own content or modify using any of the AI generating tools inside Script Atlas!

Massive collection of 413,435 articles provided in plain text files

Articles are available in a wide range of niches, spanning over 1,500 different categories!

Use these powerful articles in any way you want. Change them to fit your marketing strategy or create entire reports and ebooks using the power of AI.

(Value $199)

Bonus #3

10 AI & ChatGPT Videos

You’ll get access to 10 videos that cover topics such as making money online with AI, creating viral motivational shorts and reels for millions of views, and getting 100K Instagram followers in 30 days using AI.

1. 7 AI Side Hustles to Make Money Online ($100 per Day)

2. EASIEST Way to Make $1,000 Per Day With ChatGPT & MidJourney & TikTok (Even if You’re a Beginner)

3. How to Create VIRAL Motivational Shorts & Reels for MILLIONS of Views

4. A New AI Business That No One Knows

5. A New Secret to Make PASSIVE INCOME With AI

6. How to get 100K Instagram followers in 30 days using AI (and monetized)

7. Make $583 Per Day Selling AI Products (Easy Side Hustle)

8. Starting a $500 per Day Side Hustle With AI

9. The EASIEST AI side hustle you can start in 1 HOUR (No skill, No Risk)

10. This Faceless Instagram Side Hustle Can Make You $30k per Month

(Value $69)

Bonus #4

Google Bard Training

Unlock the power of AI-driven content creation with our exclusive bonus Google Bard Training eBook. This comprehensive guide covers everything you need to know about Google Bard AI, from its fundamentals to ethical considerations and future trends. Whether you’re struggling with writer’s block or simply want to create high-quality, engaging content quickly and effortlessly, this eBook is the perfect companion to help you revolutionize your writing experience.

Get a 143-page info-packed eBook in both Word & PDF format

Plus a “Top Resource Report” highlighting amazing videos and content about using the power of Google Bard

Also another “Extra Resources Report” providing 16 additional videos giving more powerful information on how to properly monetize Google Bard

(Value $49)

Bonus #5

10 Powerful PDF Reports

Supercharge your AI-driven income with our bonus bundle of 10 PDF reports. Discover actionable strategies for monetizing AI, from generative side hustles to selling AI art.

7 Ways to Make Money with AI

8 Generative AI Side Hustles to Boost Your Income

Become a Top AI Art Seller – 4 Ways to Make Money Selling AI Art

Easiest Way to Make $1,000 Per Day with AI & ChatGPT Even If You’re a Beginner

  • How AI Can Help Your Sites Rank Better
  • How to Make Money with AI Art – 8 Secrets Ways
  • How to Quickly Build a WordPress Website with ChatGPT
  • How to Sell AI Art – Complete Guide
  • How to Use AI To Generate More Traffic and Sales from YouTube

Using Ai + FREE Traffic And Make Money Online $100 per Day

(Value $69)

Bonus #6

Micro SAAS with AI

An ultimate guide for entrepreneurs and aspiring business owners who are interested in starting a business using AI-powered chatbot software. This guide provides an in-depth explanation of the concept of Micro SaaS and the advantages it offers over traditional SaaS models, including potentially zero startup costs and ultra-low operational overhead.

Discover how to start your own Micro SaaS business with little to no startup costs.

Learn how to identify a unique value proposition that will set your business apart in the market.

Find out how to target niche markets that are eager for your product or service.

Learn how to avoid common pitfalls that can derail your business.

Get tips and strategies for creating a marketing plan to launch your business with confidence.

This bonus also comes along with 4 more free reports …

Authority Influencer Checklist

Content Monetization Checklist

The Gain Logic Fear (GLF) Formula

The Simple Smart Sales (SSS) Formula

(Value $97)

Find out more and grab the best content tool available and hopefully the amazing bonuses are still available

Discover how to make money online using AI

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