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Affiliate Marketing Summarised

Make Money Online

Affiliate Marketing: Why Choose It As A Way To Earn Money

In this post, we are going to look at what is Affiliate Marketing? and why it is a Great way to earn money online. I am going to go back to the basics and explain in detail exactly what it is, what it takes to succeed and how you could become a successful affiliate marketer.

What is Affiliate Marketing

This type of marketing is often confused with either network marketing or multi-level marketing. It is the process of earning a commission by promoting other peoples or the company’s products. Promotion can be done through social media, your own blog, email marketing or various other methods. It is a quick and inexpensive method of making money without the hassle of actually selling a product. Simply sign up as an affiliate then promote and sell the product. When a sale is made you get a commission.

Affiliate marketing has the benefits of being able to sell either physical or digital products over the internet. The affiliate does not need to deal with stock, delivery or even customer complaints or refunds. These benefits mean it has an undeniable draw for those looking to increase their income online.

What Does Affiliate Marketing Involve?

Success and earning commissions is purely based on your performance. Where many people stumble, however, is in believing that success is quick and easy. Yes, affiliate marketing has made businesses millions and ordinary people millionaires. But it takes time and hard work. For example, if you are using a blog to offer promotions then this will take time to build your blog, and get high rankings in the search engines. As you build your reputation and image online then more people will visit your site and you will make more sales.

Who is affiliate marketing for?

If you are someone who hates going to the office, then this is the perfect solution. You can work from home using an internet connection. This means you can work your own hours, have no boss to answer too, and no distractions from other employees. However, dedication and not being distracted by what home has to offer is very important. Alternatively, if you enjoy working in offices, with others or working outdoors then obviously this is not for you.

It is a good way to earn a living, but before you can start counting your earnings, there are a lot of things to be done. Setting up your marketing business can be done at a low cost, meaning you can get started quickly and without much hassle. It does not need any physical set up and you can earn money right from your home. Remember it does not require the marketer to order, store or distribute the products or services being promoted. So if you want to be your own boss, and you dream of being in full control of your own future, affiliate marketing may be the thing for you.

Does this type of marketing work for everyone?

Remember affiliate marketing can be lucrative, but it takes a commitment of time and money to make it a serious enterprise. It can once set up produce passive income. The same promotions on a blog will generate income over time, ( passive income). Just as with anything else, your success will mostly depend on how much effort you put into it.

There are many companies that will pay you commissions for selling their products.  So what you need to do is sign up with them as an affiliate then just blog and promote their products or services. Write about the product, show images of the product etc. and insert your link so people can buy the product. Then as sales are made, you collect commissions. Learning how to monetize a blog for affiliate commissions will require some time and effort. Also, affiliate marketing has its own terminology, which can be confusing at first.  Improvements in software and plugins have helped over the years to make setting up your blog simple.

Lots of people who start out as an affiliate want a quick income fix.

Yes, you can generate income from day one with your first commission, but remember it is just a commission. To make life-changing sums of money so you can quit work will take time and effort. If you are prepared to put in the work then affiliate marketing is for you. If you are looking for a quick source of income and not prepared to work at it, then that this method like numerous other online income systems will not work for you. So look carefully at the benefits affiliate marketing offers and if you are prepared to put in the effort to get the end results. Then affiliate marketing is a great option.

The Future Of This Type Of Marketing

Affiliate marketing will expand to developing countries in 2018. Alongside mobile advertising, it will also venture further into video, voice and other emerging technologies. Therefore as Technology continues to evolve, affiliate marketing will continue to advance and grow with it. The revolution of multi-touch technology and mobile technology will in time change the way or offer new methods to promote affiliate products. Affiliate marketing will continue to grow in importance over the next decade, and part of that is because of the explosion in user-generated content and changing consumer behaviours.

I think as a conclusion we can say that yes if done right, affiliate marketing could be a great way to earn online. It is a great opportunity and one that will stay around for years to come. Advancement in software and plugins has made blogs easy to set up, so starting out promoting products is straightforward. You can sign up as an affiliate, build and blog and promote your first products very quickly.

This is a great choice for starting out earning online.

It is easy to set up and with a good work ethic, you will succeed. It is not hard work just simple things to follow. The search engines like up to date information and regular activity. So by making regular posts, this will benefit your rankings in the search engines. So if you can make a post or product review a day then that is fine. As mentioned it is easy to run blogs nowadays and you can even get software that will curate and post to your blog for you, and so it keeps it fresh and up to date.

If you want to become an affiliate check out the honest reviews of the systems that will help you succeed

There is two complete system that makes building an affiliate business so easy. You can read the reviews and watch the demos here

Covert Commissions Review

Affiliate Funnel Clones

If you want a system that gives you all the landing pages and squeeze pages to build your list so you can generate more commis

Affiliate Marketing Reviews


There are so many ways to make money online. Check out all the different ways here 


Affiliate Marketing
Make Money Online

Affiliate Funnel Clones Review

Affiliate Funnel Clones

 Affiliate Funnel Clones


Affiliate Funnel Clones How to Build an Email List Fast –

Affiliate Funnel Clones asks : What makes companies like Amazon Netflix and uber so successful. They grow faster than the competition!!!!, But How Do They Do This?

How by combining lead generation and selling into one simple step think about it before you can buy from Amazon, watch a movie on Netflix, or get an uber ride first you’ve got to sign up for something. That means you have to get on their list.  So at the same time, these companies are making front-end sales, they are also building a list of subscribers to make future sales.

Now once, you know how to do the same thing you can make money anywhere and anytime you like regardless if you’re a newbie, intermediate or expert.  Like  Alan Magliocca says “until I learned how to combine list building and selling into one simple step I struggled for years as an online marketer but since then I’ve been able to drive over ten million dollars in digital online sales.  Coach others how to do the same and some students have even become millionaires from this strategy and in the next few minutes I’m going to show you how you can apply this for yourself in your own business Now all it takes is a very simple yet a very specific type of funnel to make this work I’m sure you’re thinking if it’s so simple Then why in the heck isn’t everybody in the world doing it right and that’s a great question now.” He shows and explains in the video exactly what is needed to gain sales and emails so you can recontact people in the future to generate more sales.

Affiliate Funnel Clones Training

Unlike Traditional online training systems which teach lead generation and selling as two different steps, and that is why people are not doing it right.  Also, the tools involved things like hosting, page builders, funnel builders and Autoresponders are often complicated and always cost money. So people are forced to spend big dollars up front before you ever make a dime. So even though a combined lead and sales funnel can sound simple in theory. Putting one into place that actually makes money is very expensive very time-consuming and very frustrating, to be honest as well. So here you get all the training, tools and traffic systems you need.

That all changes today my friend now I want you to imagine you could have multiple funnels in place in just minutes from now. Each proven to generate both affiliate commissions and leads without needing extra software or a website or hosting. Setup can be done in under ten minutes with zero skills required now if you’re like most you wouldn’t believe this was possible. Right, but this dream of an all-in-one automated funnel solution came to me a year ago. But you see I needed some help to make it happen, so I partnered up with Ryan Alaire. He’s behind multiple seven-figure product launches, and elite marketers like Russell Brunson to help get ideas about launching. And I also asked the guy named Simon Harris to join us now Simon is the man behind some of the most successful Jvzoo product launches in JXzoo history. Plus we all have the proven ability to profit in multiple niches and together we developed an automated platform that creates subscribers and commissions 100% passively and includes multiple traffic sources. So you can be in profit inside 24 hours from now.

Now the platform is called affiliate funnel clones and there’s simply nothing like it on the market at any price and even if you’ve never made a penny online you simply plug this in, and you could be profiting by tomorrow morning.

Want to scale your current business or add new income streams?

There’s no faster way to do it?

Here’s how it works?

Affiliate Funnel Clones Software

Inside our cloud-based software, you get five fully built proven to convert funnels including optimized landing pages. Plus evergreen products to promote.  Each funnel has been tested in depth by the team for the last several months.  Select one of our favourite traffic methods and yes we’ll show you how to set these up.  Then turn it on and you can watch these funnels generate both leads and commissions.

Now each funnel is monetized in three different ways for you, with lead capture to build your list.  With exit pops that direct visitors to automated webinars.  Monetized with your affiliate link all completely and automatically done for you with zero work on your end. Use your own autoresponder or throw your leads safely, and securely, and for free on our cloud-based servers. ( again at no charge) You can use the recommended products or any products that you wish from any affiliate or CPA network or even your own product links. There are no monthly expenses. Affiliate Academics give you the landing pages and host them for you.

Affiliate Funnel Clones Traffic Solutions

There are proven traffic sources to start making money fast and then scale up as much as you want as fast as you want.  Now there’s really no limit to how much you can grow your income. You can use the system as is for a completely done-for-you Income solution or like us plug in different products into these pre-built templates. You can build as many funnels as you want easily, linking to any product you want. That’s the winners and start earning from multiple offers and multiple sub-niches.

Now if you’re thinking this sounds, too good to be true. Look we get it because we’re making some big claims here. So we have this entire platform beta tested by over a hundred users from all walks of life and backgrounds Now the results shocked even us and below you’re gonna hear their personal results from using the software now.  This is one time you really need to drop what you’re doing okay? And check the complete details below because affiliate funnel clones change everything instant income and lead generation multiple profits. Takes 10 minutes setup max with no skills required.

The only way for you to mess this up is to not plug it in.  Now make sure you check out both the user reviews and the testimonials below this video and see how well this automated system truly works

Here is a summary of what Affiliate Funnel Clones has to offer:

  • Provide a stunning page builder which allows you to generate any kind of promotional page that you want by utilizing the done-for-you templates, or you can even produce a new one using the built-in tools
  • Offer 5 custom templates that can be edited easily, and they cover a wide range of trending niche markets
  • Supply a third-party hosting service via Google Cloud Engine, which is basically a premium Google hosting service, so you won’t have to host the sites by yourself
  • Exhibit the domains that you follow and like onto your website in a few simple clicks
  • Let the drag-n-drop editor customize your pages based on your wishes
  • Guide users through the process of using Affiliate Funnel Clones with a thorough video training course


In summary, you get ready-made funnels to start earning from immediately. Plus you have all you need to easily build more funnels and upgrade your online business easily. So start collecting emails and sales today to builds a long time business.


Listen to the interview below with the creator of Affiliate Funnel Clones 

If You Use my Link Here you can get started on a $1 trial

So start earning today

Check out other great money making online systems here

Check out funnel boss and learn the  Ninja Funnel Hacks & Tricks That You Can Swipe & Deploy To Make Fast Money from your affiliate funnels




Printly Review Plus Awesome Bonuses

Printly Review And Bonuses

Printly Review

What is Printly?

Printly is everything about the Printables sector it is a system where you can easily make money online selling printables.

It has absolutely nothing to do with printing anything for anybody else, it’s much easier than that.

Printables are in high demand today and all you are doing is offering layouts (that are simple to create).

The best thing is that this system shows you how to find individuals that need printables, people like printables as you pay and get immediate access. They provide information, facts, guidance. So all you need to do is find what is in demand, find available printables, upload and sell.

Ike Paz (The Creator) made his first $1000 in a month with just 20 mins work doing this in the Baby Shower Niche.

Inside Printly You Get Access to:

1. Step-By-Step video training

2. A cost-free web traffic obtaining software. This is awesome everyone wants free targetted traffic

3. A full resource guide. You are literally given everything you need to succeed.

4. The top 9 most profitable particular niches. This saves so much time no need to research. Just tap into these niches

5. A 10K case study utilizing Printables. I learnt a lot about selling printables and how to maximise profits using this case study

6. The A – Z Pinterest Web Traffic Overview. This is a gold mine, you can easily generate all the traffic you want from this one source

7. PLUS the Pinterest search phrase finder software. This is very powerful and will help you see what people are looking for. So you can set up your pins to get their attention

Printly is Ike’s low profile technique of marketing printables which has actually been pulling him 1.2 k month passively with cost-free web traffic as well as just about 20 minutes of work each day. Check it  out

Ike’s no guru or serial product launch person. He’s just a normal man living in Japan that found a simple method to earn money online.

Printly is a unique approach. Anyone can do because there’s no competition.

This training course over delivers. It gives you all you need to succeed and more.

So I suggest you take a few minutes out of your day as well as check out the information and proof.



Cryptosuite Review

Cryptosuite Review


Creator: Luke Maguire

Cost: $47

Cryptosuite Review

My Rating


The software automates all the manual processes crypto experts do manually, and inside you get all the tools needed in one simple suite. It removes all guesswork by providing you with the winning currencies based on live stats as they happen.


So if you are not involved in it right now, you are missing out.  it’s that simple. Cryptocurrencies are on the increase and are more widely accepted now across the world.

Today is the best time to be in the Cryptocurrency market to make some great profit. So why not jump in and make a great income online. Read how easy it is to do this with cryptosuite.

However, many people do not know how to earn with cryptocurrency for the following reasons


This question was the main stumbling block for people getting started and still is today, many people have no idea what cryptocurrency is, let alone have the time to implement and learn how to make money from it.


Cryptocurrency is where the money is at – however, most people don’t even get set up with a wallet, or even know where to buy it. Many people have no idea that you need to have a crypto wallet to store their currency, also where do you trade currency and how do you make a profit. All these things are answered in detail inside of the suites training.


With over 1300 Crypto Currencies It can be very daunting. However, the software provides all the live trending data you need on all currencies. You also get alerts on when you buy and sell so it could not be easier. No Gueswork involved at all. The software says buy now, then tells you when to sell to make a profit. You buy low and can instantly sell for more.

The Benefits of Cryptosuite

Cryptocurrency traders use a wide range of software’s to keep track of trends and trade currencies to make revenue. This is time-consuming. So the software has been developed to perfectly automate many tasks that crypto traders normally do manually. 

It tells you WHEN TO INVEST ON THE HOTTEST COINS. It will also let you know when you must not BUY coins and when to SELL. 

The system deals with real-time information. Which is updated live every few seconds, and then you have the push notification feature. You will also be texted and e-mailed as soon as any coins rise or drop.

How to profit with Cryptosuite?

It is easy to make a quick profit from Cryptosuite-because you are told the top gainers and winners. As mentioned the system even tells you when to buy and when to sell. All of this information is provided live. This means CryptoSuite- Removes all the uncertainty!

With this platform, you can benefit quickly and easily using INSTANT PROFIT ARBITRAGE.

You can buy bitcoin at hundreds of exchanges, each price their bitcoin differently – Cryptosuite shows you how you can buy bitcoin through exchange A cheaply and sell it at a profit instantly at exchange B. Therefore you make instant profit.

Who is Cryptosuite for?

It has been made for newbies as it does all the hard work for you. The training is amazing and the software very powerful and gives you all the data you need. A lot of experienced traders have also bought this as it does the time consuming manual work for them. So this saves them time and makes money quickly.

If you want to profit from Cryptocurrency then this is the platform you need

Click here to secure your copy now

Check Out The Great Review Video

Click here to secure your copy now

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What is in the Product

  • Complete Training on the system
  • Different ways to earn with cryptocurrency
  • How to use the platform
  • Clear explanations and training that will guide you to success

You’ll acquire full A-Z training sessions

Cryptosuite Video Training

What I like about the product

Easy To Use Money Making Platform
Complete handheld training
Total background details of almost all big cryptocurrencies
Live alerts on hottest coins and tokens to acquire
Individual coin alerts and preferred tokens… it is easy to find and select
Earnings: cryptocurrency market cap information, statistics and charts
Personal portfolio dashboard to quickly find out about profits
VIP* CryptoSuite group (Private VIP Facebook group)
Click here to secure your copy now

Super Bonuses

Get these extra bonuses (over $600+)

Complete beginner VIP training series of how to make a killing with cryptocurrency from scratch. This is where you will understand the ‘how do I get started & how do I make money’ questions.

This removes all the guesswork inside of crypto suite by giving you recommendations of healthy coins live daily to look at, invest & profit with.

Instantly you will be able to profit with this, in fact, there is no easier way to make money online than with crypto arbitrage. Each exchange has different prices meaning you can buy from one exchange at price A and sell at exchange B for a higher price & crypto suite gives you all this information.

You will be allowed to add as many coins to your alerts AND unlimited filters – this means you are 100% unrestricted and will be able to be informed of all winners in the marketplace.

Access to the Cryptosuite Secret VIP Group where other top online marketers will be working together WITH you. Your success really depends on who you know and network with the circle you surround yourself in is key to fast-tracking your success and holding you accountable to get the results.


Your bonuses will be available in your member area

Click here to secure your copy now

My Final Thoughts

A great platform and with the expert training given this will make you money.

Currently, there are options on offer. The monthly payment or yearly payment.

I would personally opt for the yearly payment if you have spare funds available as it save money. However, if you have a tight budget them opting for the monthly payment is not an issue as this should easily be covered by your trading profits

Cryptosuite Pricing


This is a great suite that has been developed for newbies as it provides and undertakes all the tasks traders usually do manually. It presents you with different ways of making money, currency prices on different platforms and much more. The training is awesome and this is the way you want to make income online then I would recommend this product.

Thank you for reading

I wish you every success in your online business



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Cryptocurrency Free Ebook


Cryptocurrency Free Ebook, inside the ebook you will find out:

1. What Is Cryptocurrency?
2. How Does It Work?
3. How is The Value Determined?
4. What Is It Used For?
5. Why Choose to use it?

Many people are wary about cryptocurrency, and some do not know how it works. That is why so many people are not earning a great income trading the currencies available. It is so easy to do and with the right software platform that automates everything, and even prompts you when to buy and sell it is so simple

The best trading system is called crypto suite and you can find out more about it here

What Is Cryptocurrency?

Quite simply it is a digital version of money where the transactions are done online. The currency is a medium of exchange just like your normal everyday currency such as the UK Pound but designed for the purpose of exchanging digital information via cryptology.

You can use digital currency now on cards, online, and even in shops to pay for goods and services.

It is a booming market with many people mining for currency, trading currency and making a profit.

Find out how to use cryptocurrencies to make money easily online.

Grab your free Ebook here


Want a system that will easily earn a profit with cryptocurrency then check out the review here Crypto Suite Review

Find more great online resources 

Funnel Boss: Review And Bonuses

Become A Funnel Boss

Funnel Boss

Creator: Omar And Melinda Martin

Cost: $24.95

Become A Funnel Boss

My Rating

Product Description

Inside the package you will get superb training from online gurus who know what they are talking about.

You Are About To Get Your Hands On The Super Viral

You’re About To Watch Omar Illustrate All Of

The Ninja Funnel Hacks & Tricks That You Can

Swipe & Deploy To Make Fast Money Consistently

Heres a look at what Omar teaches

  • What The Heck Is A Sales Funnel?

Dismisses the common misconception that kills most funnels and guides you to ensure your funnels succeed

  • The Viral Lead Funnel

This video will reveal a little-known tactic that constantly attracts NEW traffic

  • The Viral Trust Funnel

This one method will create passive income for you every single month

  • The Viral Sales Funnel

This method makes you more money from every product launch and every bonus offer

  • Download Page vs. Welcome Page

Learn when and where to use the most profitable page

  • Anatomy Of A Members Area

Discover the true power of laying out your material inside a members area

  • Assembling A Business Funnel

This is the most important funnel you could ever learn to create

These Are The Secret Backend Funnel Tactics Omar Uses

That You Can Use To Build A Freakishly Huge List And BANK OBSCENE MONTHLY COMMISSIONS!

This is 100% success proven and actionable training that people just like you are using to get massive results already.

You will learn the way EXPERTS create lead funnels and sales funnels that drive millions of dollars in sales by watching these videos without ever having to leave your home.

The best part is that FUNNEL BOSS IS 100% NEWBIE PROOF! Omar presents the material in a SUPER EASY to understand by actually DRAWING it out on your screen.

Who is this for?

This is for any online marketer, experienced or newbie who wants to make great commissions and build a customer list. This is a proven system that hands you ready designed successful funnels you can use yourself.

Hear what Others Say


I was able to get early access to Funnel Boss and I gave it a shot and I gotta tell you, I was blown-away! I’ve tried a lot of different funnels but this was the most complete funnel training system that I’ve ever seen. And it literally worked!

Omar gives you the step-by-step training, I mean, he literally draws it out, right there in front of you! Everything that you need, from what you put on the front page and where it goes and how it’s supposed to be—step-by-step, piece by piece.

Delilah Taylor

“You Need This!”

I thought I understood marketing funnels better than most but to say I was schooled after going through Funnel Boss is an understatement! In video 4 Viral Sales Funnel, these weren’t gold nuggets but rather gold bars!

Then I went through Video 5 Welcome Page and all I can say is WOW! I have pages of notes and I’m ready to implement them in my business right away. I never realized how much money I’ve been leaving on the table.

If you are serious about your online business then you need this. You will learn how to create a true Internet business not just a marketing funnel.

<span style=Steve Haase” >

Steve HaaseInternet Marketer

“Another Home Run!”

What I liked most about their system is that it brought fresh, new techniques that I never would have thought about. In particular, “The Viral Sales Funnel” training goes in depth on exactly how to set up a sales funnel using a simple technique that shares it, making it go viral. This creates many, many more views and clearly more sales. This technique alone is worth its weight in gold! I wish I knew this many years ago.

Thanks again Omar and Melinda. You hit another home run!

<span style=Brian Wilson” >

Brian WilsonInternetIncomeSolutions

“I’m Amazed And Surprised!”

I’ve just gone through the Funnel Boss training and I have to say I’m amazed and surprised! I am going to eat my porridge and go through the training again, it is THAT good!

<span style=Michael Cheney” >

Michael Cheney7-Figure Marketer

“WOW! I Have Been Blown Away!”

Funnel Boss gave me a realistic plan of action for generating and converting new leads in my business. This is something I have greatly struggled with since 2014 but not anymore!

The module on creating a Viral Sales Funnel has got me really excited & I cannot wait to start implementing this strategy and see the results. Awesome stuff here from Omar and Melinda!

<span style=Aidan Corkery” >

Aidan CorkeryAffiliate Marketer

“It’s Absolutely Awesome!”

I can’t believe all the stuff you put into that Funnel Boss training. It’s absolutely awesome! No wonder you’re raking it in and buying new houses.

<span style=Dave Nicholson” >

Dave NicholsonPlanet Divinity

Here’s What You’re About To Get…

7 “digital whiteboard style” Funnel Boss training videos $47.00 Value
4 downloadable funnel diagrams & assorted resource lists $20 Value
3 Affiliate Superstar (on location) Training Videos & Slide PDF’s. $27 Value
3 Launch Superstar Videos Featuring The Owners of JVZoo & Slide PDF’s.  $27 Value
Access To The Funnel Boss Private “Peer to Peer” Facebook Group Priceless

It would take you YEARS to try and replicate all these funnels from scratch yourself. This is thousands of dollars and countless hours of work in the making.


Click here to grab your copy now and get my bonuses

Check Out My Review Video

Click here to secure your copy now

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What is in the Product

You’re About To Get All The  Ninja Funnel Hacks & Tricks That You Can Swipe & Deploy To Make Fast Money

Affiliate Superstar Training Course

This is a video course composed of 3 training sessions that Higher Level Strategies’ team held and in collaboration with JVZoo at a secret undisclosed location. A small group of VIPs paid to attend this private workshop where we taught the “behind the scenes” tips and tricks needed to become a JVZoo Super Affiliate. You’ll learn from Omar Martin, Melinda Martin and E.Brian Rose about creating affiliate marketing campaigns that kick ass.

Launch Superstar Training Course

Now we’re taking you to the next level! This HLS video course was also created in collaboration with JVZoo at a secret location. We taught a room full of high paying VIPs the tips and tricks needed to become a JVZoo Super VENDOR. You’ll learn from Omar & Melinda Martin (Owners of HLS), E.Brian Rose & Bryan Zimmerman (Owners of JVZoo) and Delilah Taylor from

What I like about the product

A complete funnel training system that I’ve ever seen
Learn the secrets of successful funnel builders
Can easily use the same systems for your business
Clearly and well explained course.
7 “digital whiteboard style” Funnel Boss training videos
4 downloadable funnel diagrams & assorted resource lists
3 Affiliate Superstar (on location) Training Videos & Slide PDF’s
3 Launch Superstar Videos Featuring The Owners of JVZoo & Slide PDF’s
Access To The Funnel Boss Private “Peer to Peer” Facebook Group Priceless

What I don’t like about the product

Can not find any problems at all and it is far superior to other funnel training I have used
Click here to grab your copy now and get my bonuses

My Super Bonuses

If you purchase through me today I am offering these great bonuses

These will be available on your JV Zoo Product Access page



My Final Thoughts

If you want to get far more commissions and sign up by using effective funnels then you definitely need this course

Thank you for reading

I wish you every success in your online business



Click here to grab your copy now and get my bonuses

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Funnel Boss Video Review

Funnel Boss Video By Omar Martin

The diagram that you’re looking at right now is a sales funnel. it’s the order of web pages that my visitors go through as they buy from me. Now, this isn’t just any sales funnel in fact the funnel you’re looking at right now has made my wife Melinda and I nearly 5 million dollars since we started our home-based business.

I’m sure you notice the red sections well that’s the most important part you see the black sections are what got us to six figures, and that was great but when we inserted these red sections into the plan our business shot up to seven figures.

Hi, my name is Omar Martin and I’m just the regular guy, as a matter of fact, I used to be a paramedic for the New York City Fire Department before I became an internet marketer. My wife Melinda and I have been able to build a lifestyle business right out of our Florida home by mastering sales funnels.

What we’ve learned is that anyone who’s trying to build a subscriber list or who is trying to sell products online absolutely positively undoubtedly needs one thing and that is a good funnel.

Funnels are by far the best way for you to attract customers to build your list and to create long-term repeat loyal buyers the problem is most people completely suck at building funnels.  Seriously I mean even people that think that they know how to build funnels often they’re leaving all the money on the table.  They’re leaving tens of thousands of dollars on the table because they’re doing it wrong.

Your luck is about to change big-time, you’re about to get your hands on my most successful time-tested and proven funnel tactics.  I’m gonna teach you how to become a funnel boss, we’ve tested tons of funnels over the years and inside of our final boss video course you’re gonna learn the secrets to our three most profitable and successful funnels.

I’ll start by teaching you the basic funnel building concepts that any newbie can understand and master,  and then we’re actually going to draw out all of the funnels for you.

I’m going to draw out the viral lead funnel the viral sales funnel and that’s just the front-end stuff after that we’re gonna dive into the advanced stuff. Like how to monetize your welcome page to download pages, and the things that we do on the back end to keep the money coming in.

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You’re getting all of this video training all of the resources all of the study material plus you’re getting access to the private peer-to-peer Facebook group for funnel bosses.

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Omar knows what he is talking about

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Videtar Review Demo

Videtar Review

Videtar Review

In this video I’m going to give you my full, comprehensive Videtar Review and what is an all-in-one solution for video marketers.

Videtar Review
Videtar Review And Bonuses

What is Videtar

Now Videtar is an all-in-one software suite that allows you to do all your keyword research, video creation, publication as well as promotion, all through this one cloud-based software.

Now one of the most challenging things about doing video marketing is driving traffic or getting traffic to your videos. You can put content up, but how do you get people there.  That is done mostly through keyword research and different sorts of ranking SEO methods. Which can be difficult, and can be time-consuming, but with this program it is something that can be done with just a couple clicks of the mouse.

Using Videtar

Now to show you this,  when you log in to Videtar what you are presented with is this nice, clean dashboard. This main dashboard gives you all the analytics. We’ll just click this and I’ll reload it,  it’ll give you all your analytics for the videos that you’re using through the software.

Your downloaded videos, created videos, watched videos, everything. Now one of the big features about this is your video research. So over here on the left, you can see that what it does is a search.

Search Facility

To do a search you can enter in a keyword, let’s say ‘affiliate marketing’ and what you can do or what it will do is it’s gonna go out there and find videos on YouTube associated with the keyword. Like it says it might take a second but what happens is it comes back to you with all the search results for that keyword.

It’s very useful, you can see what keywords are ranking or trending.

You get all the stats from each video of the topic, research, search results. You can click on the video and it’ll take you to that video on YouTube, so you can do additional research within the video. This way you can really see what is trending and what is ranking, so then you can then apply that to your videos. So that you can gain that top ranking spot. Again very useful.

You can put in any keyword and it’ll pull those results for you.

Videtar Video Fetcher

This helps you search for videos that you can use on your own site as content.

Another feature which is very cool is this video fetcher and so over here you can do a search again. You enter your keyword, let’s say we’ll just go with ‘art restoration’ today it’ll do our search again, it might take a minute or two but what this feature does is it goes out there searches for your keywords and returns all the results that are free to use videos that are on the internet.

You could take any of these videos… This first video here that has got, has seen almost 650,000 views. This is a free video that you can download and then publish again on your site. That’s a free video that you can use. So you can create content for your channel without even having to create the content.

So you can select one of these videos, or multiple and when you download them you can choose to download them as separate videos, or you can merge them together. This will save hours of time trying to generate and write content and in creating videos.

I think that’s a very cool feature especially for someone that might be just starting a new video channel and is looking to get content published quickly.

live streaming

And so with that, I’m gonna skip ahead a little bit and go to this live streaming. This kind of goes in the same category in my mind, but what live streaming is you can select a video, multiple videos put them through the program,. You can select live streaming event times and it’ll automatically do a live stream on your channel. So again you’re putting out regular content. You’re using the live stream which YouTube really likes right now and again you can use multiple YouTube accounts.  Videtar will blast those videos out there.

You can add prefixes and suffixes to their video titles so that it doesn’t repeat. So when your video is posted again the title will be different so YouTube will see it as a new video

The Video Lab

Video creation, the video lab, you can build your videos here. You can upload your video into it,  you can choose images from Pixaby image catalogue or there’s also pre-loaded green screen videos that you can choose from.

You can create the backgrounds.

Create text overlays, lower thirds, watermarks, whatever you need to, you could add audio to it.

Very useful, very straightforward, simple to use. I think anybody can use it. You can add it to your social accounts, your Facebook, Instagram and you can also embed your video on your blog and other sites.

Again this whole software suite is there to help you do everything from keyword research, video research, all the way through to where you publish your video on your channel and then also help you rank your videos. Then you can get that number one ranking and get that free traffic from being that top search result.

In conclusion

I think this is definitely a very useful software something that can help clarify the video marketing processes in a lot of people’s minds. It makes video marketing really easy and takes away all the hard research, video creating, ranking data research. In fact, it does all the hard work for you.

Here is what you get 

  • The Powerful Keyword Search Engine
  • Point & Click Video Wizard For Traffic Grabbing Marketing Videos
  • Live Video Traffic Publisher Module
  • Traffic Stacker Advantage With Added Traffic Embed Software
  • Support & Ready-To-Use Training Materials

Bonuses Offered

BONUS #1:  Video Conversion Booster

This powerful software add-on will get you more views, better engagement, and more sales from your video.

This is the exact same power that sites like Vimeo use to boost your engagement and sales from your videos and it’s yours for FREE when you get Videtar today.


BONUS #2:  Green Screen Editor

We could have done a separate launch with this one feature alone, but when you get Videtar, you’ll get this for FREE.

The Green Screen Editor makes it easy to create unlimited video variations from one single green screen video by adding different backgrounds and images so you can sell the same video over and over again for maximum profits


BONUS #3:  Video Resource Bundle

You’ll get video backgrounds, audio tracks and a pile of bonus lower third graphics. These are completely royalty free, so you can use them however you want, turning them into videos that you can rebrand and reuse, selling for $500 or $1000 each time.

You’ve seen how easy it is to create amazing videos, now with this bundle you’ve got even more opportunities at your fingertips!


BONUS #4:  Hosted Profit System 

Having an email marketing list is the most consistent way to earn income online, but there are a lot of ‘moving parts’.   You need a giveaway item, landing pages, download pages, an autoresponder, you need to review products, create bonuses etc… Well, not anymore.

When you buy Videtar you’ll get a completely done for you hosted lead capture system.  You can send your Videtar traffic to the page we’ve built (and host) for you.  We do the email writing and send out all of these custom promotions with your affiliate links.


BONUS #5:  Live Webinar System Setup 

Videtar is really easy to set up, so you’ll be able to log in and create a traffic video quick smart, but if you’re not sure how to turn that into profits just join the special training event.You’ll be walked through making your videos and connecting it with your hosted profit system for easy list building and affiliate income. Better yet?  You’ll get access to the live marketing calls every week, included for free with your Videtar purchase today.

Plus if you buy through my bonus page review you will receive bonuses that will help you make the most of Videtars powerful system


That’s at least a $997 value – yours free

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Covert Commissions. Your Affiliate Marketing Solution

Covert Commissions. Free Offer

Creator: Cindy Donovan

Cost: $27

Make Commissions Easily

My Rating

Covert Commissions. Your Affiliate Marketing Solution

This Done For You, Automated List Building & Affiliate Marketing System Eliminates All The Hard Work & Puts You On The Fast Track To Success!

If you are new to affiliate marketing then this complete system is perfect for you. They have already given recommended top selling affiliate products and guarantee your acceptance by the owner to promote the offer.

Now all you do is use all the promotional materials to send people to your offer page. Yes, these are done for you and the offer pages are set up and hosted for you too.

Covert Commissions. What Happens When People Subscribe

When people go to your offer they will sign up to an email list, before being taken to the offer. Their details will be stored for you and the system even gives you an autoresponder. But do not worry about having to write emails the system does all that and sends them for you. So once on your lists, people are regularly mailed with other offers that will get you commissions.

That is it a complete system. All you do is get accepted for the offers. Then they train you on driving traffic to the offers. That is all you need to do!!!!

Covert Commissions. Who is this for?

Anyone can use this to start building their own profitable list and earn affiliate commissions on autopilot from day one.

Instead of having to create all of the landing pages, make the download gifts, deliver them all and write all of the emails, create follow up promotions and pay for hosting and extra accounts. Everything is completely done for you just add in your affiliate links.


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What Covert Commissions helps you to do:

Build A Profitable List & Earn Commission In Any Niche!

Simply select one of the commission systems to get started.

They cover almost all niches and product types, from dating to WordPress and everything in between. No matter what you are interested in… you are covered!

High Converting Squeeze Page With A “Bribe” That Sucks In Subscribers!

These beautiful, high converting squeeze pages come with a custom report or software gift that will entice people to opt in and help convert them into paying customers.

All the pages and gifts are hosted for you. Everything is set up and you are immediately ready to promote the links given to you.

Fully Integrated Funnel That Generates Sales On Autopilot!

Once people sign up they will go through the tested and proven funnel of thank-you, confirmation and download pages.

This is already set up for you and each of these pages is highly optimized with integrated ads that will automatically generate affiliate sales for you.

Professionally Written Follow Emails That Will Earn You Recurring Income For Years

Once people are on the list they will be tagged to your affiliate ID for life!

They will be sent them professionally written follow up emails promoting solid evergreen products and exciting new launches in the relevant niche.

All emails will use your affiliate link so you always get the affiliate commissions… doesn’t matter if it’s two years from now.

No Setup & Everything Hosted For You At No Extra Cost

You don’t need to install or configure anything. We host all your pages and run the autoresponder follow up emails for you, at no cost.

Covert Commissions is entirely cloud-based and you’ll find everything you need inside the member’s area, so you can get started immediately.

Just send traffic to the squeeze page link you are given, using the copy/paste promotion tools provided. That is it then sit back and earn passive income.

You get everything for such a small price. The training is superb and you will get up and running very quickly

What I like about the product

  • Low Start-Up Cost
  • Easy To Use Tools
  • Ready To Go System
  • Cloud-Based so no hosting costs
  • Autoresponder is free and ready to go
  • Emails are written for you
  • Very clear training
  • Just set it up and get a commission forever
  • Totally Newbie friendly

What I don’t like about the product

No problems with the system at all. However, maybe they could have given more than 5 already done systems. But at this price, you can not argue. Plus as you make money it is so cheap to unlock more systems to scale up your business

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Upgrades Available

Covert Commissions Pro Membership

Cost: $27/Month

As a pro member you will immediately receive 10 credits you can use to activate 10 additional commission systems today.

You also have the freedom to save these credits to use on any commission systems released in the future too.

You can choose from any of our available systems, ensuring that you will be able to build a list in, and monetize any niche you like.

Automate Your Traffic With The Covert Commissions WordPress Plugin!

This is, by far one of the most powerful ways to use your new Covert Commissions systems – simply upload, activate and select how you want to start building your lists!

Rotate any/all of the affiliate systems you’ve unlocked

Automatically display banners inside your posts

OR use a shortcode to add a banner rotator ANYWHERE (including widgets)

One click 404 activation, so any lost traffic is now seeing your squeeze pages

Display your affiliate system pages in popups, delayed or even as exit pops!

Easily Beat Your Competition On New Launches & Promotions

As a pro member you will automatically receive 2 credits every month. Use these to activate 2 new commission systems of your choice.

This ensures that you will always have access to the newest systems and that you can keep your promotions fresh and highly effective.

Add Unlimited Subscribers To Your System At Absolutely NO Extra Cost!

As a pro member you can add an unlimited number of subscribers to all of your commission systems. The more you promote your squeeze page the more you will earn, and with the pro membership the sky is truly the limit.

You will also be saving a ton of money on auto responder fees, unlike Aweber, you will never pay extra for generating more subscribers!

As a pro member, you’ll get special priority access to affiliate system that includes:

– Higher Ticket Items: Earn as much as $1,497 commissions per sale!

– Recurring Commissions: Get paid month after month automatically

– Priority Notification: Know first when a new system is available or launch is live

– Access To Upcoming QUIZ Systems: Even high conversions, used by experts

– Exclusive Interview Content: Top level marketers using the exact systems you have

This gives you the option of adding your own autoresponder and you get more missions to use. Plus by adding more sites you can easily generate more traffic.

The tool I really like is the plugin. Just install this on your site and you can promote offers there. Awesome write a post and add your offer

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My Super Bonuses

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These are selected to help you maximise your earnings from the system

Your bonuses will be available on your JVzoo access pages

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My Final Thoughts

This is an amazing product and will help anyone achieve online success. Everything is done for you and it saves so many other costs you do not need to pay. You can easily start out with a few products to promote and upscale by opening more missions. The system ensures not only do you make sales now but also in the future as it emails your subscribers with other offers

Thank you for reading

I wish you every success in your online business



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