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By stevechic 0 Comment 10/11/2019

Viral Spark Make Viral Marketing So Easy

Easily generate 253 visitors per day… on complete autopilot and without paying a penny for traffic. Yes! free viral traffic using a simple system that both builds your social profile, gets you leads and makes you money. There is no other system like this.

Viral Spark works in three simple steps

1.Select one of the high converting landing pages to grow your followers.

2.Unlock the next page which creates an explosive community of followers for your social profiles…generating more traffic and engagement.

3.Then comes the main part – after unlocking the page, your subscriber is presented with a high converting sales offer – generating an immediate deluge of commissions.

This is viral traffic getting followers, leads and affiliate commissions – all at once, like you’ve never seen before. 

Viral Spark My Recommendation

Now when you join you get a system that will build your viral presence and get you leads. With the front end you get one viral lead page to build your profile onIf you also want to get commissions as well then I recommend get the upsell. This will automatically convert your free traffic into sales. The videos below show how this works with the front end and also with the upsell. This does now cost a lot and will easily generate more money for you in commissions.

Demo front end
demo with upsell

Setting up the system

As you can see from the two demos setting up your system is easy. You simply log in and take a few simple steps

Set up your accounts. Then follow nine people to activate your page

Put in your affiliate link if you have the option to sell the product as well

Why use this system

This is the First & Only Multi Social Network Software That Generates Social Media Followers Via Viral Sharing.

-Generates shareable landing pages

-Grows social media platforms – Instagram, Youtube, Twitter & Pinterest

-It Generates self liquidating offers

-Creates a wave of traffic and engagement

-Builds your list through viral sharing

-Automatically grows your social media following

You will use viral pages to build you email list, get targeted traffic, make commissions and all this is on autopilot. When people sign up they will be presenting the system to others and your name will appear as one of the people to follow when they are setting up their system. So your are actually getting other people to promote your profile. Once the system is up and running then it blooms as more people. follow you this is amazing.

By using all four landing pages for Pinterest, Instagram etc, you will be building all these profiles

Below is the landing page that people will see

Viral spark
Landing Page

When people sign up they will get an email with their login details and be taken to this screen

Viral spark
Setting up your social viral pages

Next they will then follow other profiles to make their pages go live

viral spark
profiles to follow

Now you can see your first page is ready to promote

Viral Spark Set Up
Instagram page set up

Just follow the same process and you will end up with all your profiles set up easily

Now all you need to do is get people to sign up and that is so easy the training details how to get this started.

So now you have a system that will build your four main social profiles, get leads and traffic and make commissions on auto pilot.

Viral Spark

What I Like

  • Beginner friendly and super simple to implement.
  • Be up and running in the next 60 seconds.
  • Completely brand new system…never seen before.
  • Guaranteed earnings daily.
  • Guaranteed list building daily.
  • Proven to work thanks to exhaustive testing.
  • Quality built tech.
  • 30 day money back guarantee


  • Up to now, there is none that i have found. Maybe they could have made the landing pages different for each platform. But that is not really an issue

I like the simplicity of this and it works. I recommend getting the first and second oto’s as it allows you to collect unlimited leads and by integrating with Zapier you can download these easily and upload them to your email lists.

For a small investment you get an automated viral system that will build your lists, boosts your social media presence and even make money.

Grab this now

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