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Videtar Review

In this video I’m going to give you my full, comprehensive Videtar Review and what is an all-in-one solution for video marketers.

Videtar Review
Videtar Review And Bonuses

What is Videtar

Now Videtar is an all-in-one software suite that allows you to do all your keyword research, video creation, publication as well as promotion, all through this one cloud-based software.

Now one of the most challenging things about doing video marketing is driving traffic or getting traffic to your videos. You can put content up, but how do you get people there.  That is done mostly through keyword research and different sorts of ranking SEO methods. Which can be difficult, and can be time-consuming, but with this program it is something that can be done with just a couple clicks of the mouse.

Using Videtar

Now to show you this,  when you log in to Videtar what you are presented with is this nice, clean dashboard. This main dashboard gives you all the analytics. We’ll just click this and I’ll reload it,  it’ll give you all your analytics for the videos that you’re using through the software.

Your downloaded videos, created videos, watched videos, everything. Now one of the big features about this is your video research. So over here on the left, you can see that what it does is a search.

Search Facility

To do a search you can enter in a keyword, let’s say ‘affiliate marketing’ and what you can do or what it will do is it’s gonna go out there and find videos on YouTube associated with the keyword. Like it says it might take a second but what happens is it comes back to you with all the search results for that keyword.

It’s very useful, you can see what keywords are ranking or trending.

You get all the stats from each video of the topic, research, search results. You can click on the video and it’ll take you to that video on YouTube, so you can do additional research within the video. This way you can really see what is trending and what is ranking, so then you can then apply that to your videos. So that you can gain that top ranking spot. Again very useful.

You can put in any keyword and it’ll pull those results for you.

Videtar Video Fetcher

This helps you search for videos that you can use on your own site as content.

Another feature which is very cool is this video fetcher and so over here you can do a search again. You enter your keyword, let’s say we’ll just go with ‘art restoration’ today it’ll do our search again, it might take a minute or two but what this feature does is it goes out there searches for your keywords and returns all the results that are free to use videos that are on the internet.

You could take any of these videos… This first video here that has got, has seen almost 650,000 views. This is a free video that you can download and then publish again on your site. That’s a free video that you can use. So you can create content for your channel without even having to create the content.

So you can select one of these videos, or multiple and when you download them you can choose to download them as separate videos, or you can merge them together. This will save hours of time trying to generate and write content and in creating videos.

I think that’s a very cool feature especially for someone that might be just starting a new video channel and is looking to get content published quickly.

live streaming

And so with that, I’m gonna skip ahead a little bit and go to this live streaming. This kind of goes in the same category in my mind, but what live streaming is you can select a video, multiple videos put them through the program,. You can select live streaming event times and it’ll automatically do a live stream on your channel. So again you’re putting out regular content. You’re using the live stream which YouTube really likes right now and again you can use multiple YouTube accounts.  Videtar will blast those videos out there.

You can add prefixes and suffixes to their video titles so that it doesn’t repeat. So when your video is posted again the title will be different so YouTube will see it as a new video

The Video Lab

Video creation, the video lab, you can build your videos here. You can upload your video into it,  you can choose images from Pixaby image catalogue or there’s also pre-loaded green screen videos that you can choose from.

You can create the backgrounds.

Create text overlays, lower thirds, watermarks, whatever you need to, you could add audio to it.

Very useful, very straightforward, simple to use. I think anybody can use it. You can add it to your social accounts, your Facebook, Instagram and you can also embed your video on your blog and other sites.

Again this whole software suite is there to help you do everything from keyword research, video research, all the way through to where you publish your video on your channel and then also help you rank your videos. Then you can get that number one ranking and get that free traffic from being that top search result.

In conclusion

I think this is definitely a very useful software something that can help clarify the video marketing processes in a lot of people’s minds. It makes video marketing really easy and takes away all the hard research, video creating, ranking data research. In fact, it does all the hard work for you.

Here is what you get 

  • The Powerful Keyword Search Engine
  • Point & Click Video Wizard For Traffic Grabbing Marketing Videos
  • Live Video Traffic Publisher Module
  • Traffic Stacker Advantage With Added Traffic Embed Software
  • Support & Ready-To-Use Training Materials

Bonuses Offered

BONUS #1:  Video Conversion Booster

This powerful software add-on will get you more views, better engagement, and more sales from your video.

This is the exact same power that sites like Vimeo use to boost your engagement and sales from your videos and it’s yours for FREE when you get Videtar today.


BONUS #2:  Green Screen Editor

We could have done a separate launch with this one feature alone, but when you get Videtar, you’ll get this for FREE.

The Green Screen Editor makes it easy to create unlimited video variations from one single green screen video by adding different backgrounds and images so you can sell the same video over and over again for maximum profits


BONUS #3:  Video Resource Bundle

You’ll get video backgrounds, audio tracks and a pile of bonus lower third graphics. These are completely royalty free, so you can use them however you want, turning them into videos that you can rebrand and reuse, selling for $500 or $1000 each time.

You’ve seen how easy it is to create amazing videos, now with this bundle you’ve got even more opportunities at your fingertips!


BONUS #4:  Hosted Profit System 

Having an email marketing list is the most consistent way to earn income online, but there are a lot of ‘moving parts’.   You need a giveaway item, landing pages, download pages, an autoresponder, you need to review products, create bonuses etc… Well, not anymore.

When you buy Videtar you’ll get a completely done for you hosted lead capture system.  You can send your Videtar traffic to the page we’ve built (and host) for you.  We do the email writing and send out all of these custom promotions with your affiliate links.


BONUS #5:  Live Webinar System Setup 

Videtar is really easy to set up, so you’ll be able to log in and create a traffic video quick smart, but if you’re not sure how to turn that into profits just join the special training event.You’ll be walked through making your videos and connecting it with your hosted profit system for easy list building and affiliate income. Better yet?  You’ll get access to the live marketing calls every week, included for free with your Videtar purchase today.

Plus if you buy through my bonus page review you will receive bonuses that will help you make the most of Videtars powerful system


That’s at least a $997 value – yours free

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