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Video Sumo is a video software that generates tons of free traffic

Creator: Mark Bishop

Cost: At Present $17.34 But Rising


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Video Sumo Product Description

This new Video Marketing Suite Is Awesome. You just follow simple steps to get page 1 rankings. Which of course means you get free traffic.

All you need to do is log and start by searching for high ranking videos using your niche keyword. The software goes and get the highest ranking videos and ranks them either RED, Yellow or Green. Green indicates the easiest ones to rank for. Now select a video highlighted green and extract and save all the ranking data that video is using.

Video Sumo Video Creation Tools

Now you can create your own video or use someone else’s. I like to create my own and the easiest way is to use the software. You go to any website URL and just select and capture any part of the page you want to use in your video. It is so easy to just copy and paste to create amazing videos. You can add your own outros and intros as well as text overlays. You can even add ready audio and if you want to add speech.

  • This works well with any website. You can use your own or other peoples. Saves so much time not having to create video content.

Now all you need to do is upload your video with all the ranking data you got from the other video you searched for awesome. All ranking factors are done and a great video created. Now as your video will rank well, you will benefit enormously from the free traffic.

So here is a quick summary of what you get wit Video Sumo

Keyword video finder

Data Rank Generator

Easy Video Creator

Intro And outros can be added

Audio Files

Can Add Speech

Add Text layers

You can add your own images and even add another video.

Integration with video sharing sites is easy to set up.

One way I have been using this is to take my old videos and then reuse them with new design and ranking data from the video sumo data finder. Works brilliantly.

Who is Video Sumo for?

Anyone should use this who need traffic. If you are an affiliate, e-commerce owner, local business or even a video marketer. This system is so easy and yet so powerful.

I recommend this to anyone earning a living online and use it daily as part of my online business tools.

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What is in Video Sumo

Video Sumo Keyword Finder:

  • Enter your keyword and find high ranking videos for that keyword.
  • Grab ideas of keywords and ranking data you could use.
  • Best keywords to easily rank for in Green. Then Yellow and finally Red are the hardest.

Rank Data Generator:

  • Create labels, and titles to get your video on page 1 of YouTube and Google for chosen keywords for your niche.
  • You can use ranking data from your search videos. This competition spy feature allows you to work out the best keywords easily.
  • You can copy what is working for other people through reverse engineering.

 Create Videos:

  • Copy and paste from website URLs., using the Video wizard
  • Easily add background sound or music and upload your video to YouTube
  • Direct video upload to YouTube
  • Vimeo and YouTube API integration

The video training is simple and easy to follow so anyone can get up and running quickly

What I like about Video Sumo

Easy To Use Tools
Simple to create videos
Great keyword research facility for videos
Easy to find video ranking data
Identify’s the best keywords for you
Generates Page 1 rankings and free traffic

What I don’t like about Video Sumo

I have not come across any cons at all.
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Upgrades Available

VideoSumo PRO

Cost: $37

Gives you a massive 999 searches daily. You can use your ranking services as an extra income by selling it to clients, by ranking their videos.
You also get unlimited video creation. Imagine you could create rank and sell this to other people.

This I bought as I like having the unlimited searches and video creation. Must admit I have yet looked at using this for clients.

Video Sumo Source

Cost: $27

This is a cloud-based software that searches video sharing sites for videos with broken links. These can then be used to drive traffic to your offers. You can see the videos and how many likes, shares and dislikes, tags etc they have. This allows you to choose the best ones to get more traffic.

This is a powerful way to get more traffic but can take time. You could always outsource this.

Video Sumo Source PRO

Cost: $37

You can use this unlimited version to build sites and sell them to other people. Imagine building high ranking sites quickly and then flipping them for a huge profit.

I would recommend this as it is a great way to earn money easily online

Video Sumo agency (reseller)

Cost: $57

Here you can grab a reseller license to sell and earn 100% commissions on Video Sumo

Personally, I do not tend to buy reseller licences. However, the choice is yours.

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My Super Bonuses

The bonuses I am offering are beneficial to Videos Sumo and using everything together will help you to scale up your online business to a life-changing income. You will have resources, training, tips and everything you need to succeed.

Your bonuses will be available on your product access page

I have a complete set of bonuses for you

Value: Priceless

These include access to a high converting sales funnel you can use Video Sumo to promote.
Training on how to do affiliate marketing the right way. This uses a sneaky trick that will guarantee greater commissions for you.
Free access to the profit factory, discover all the tricks and techniques you need to know.
You will get a review video template that you can just edit for your own videos.
How to make money with CPA another way you can use your video sumo videos
Information on other free traffic sources and affiliate marketing training.
Access to the Awakening and also the 100 k blueprints.
Squeeze page software you can use to collect leads and promote offers.
You will also receive 5 Figure freedom, how to use Facebook live and more!!!!!

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My Final Thoughts

This software makes it easy for anyone to earn money online using video marketing. It is very powerful and will generate the results you want.

Thank you for reading

I wish you every success in your online business



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