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Traffic Ivy Review

By stevechic 0 Comment 06/05/2019

Traffic Ivy is an amazing free traffic system. It works by placing your content on a huge network of niche related blogs, and social media.

Here is how it will help you.

You can Drive Laser-Targeted Traffic From The Massive Growing Network Of Blogs Spread Across 22 Categories

Traffic Ivy Review
Traffic Ivy

Do not worry there are not techy skills needed. Because this system is a beginner friendly way to get results without any learning curve or risky paid traffic methods

Just post your content to 1,000’s of social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Reddit. Then sit back and watch as viral traffic comes in

Once posted watch as your content goes viral as people start sharing it through out the large network.

Benefit from the community-driven rating system that guarantees you only the highest quality traffic.

This is how to start with Traffic Ivy and get traffic today

Now when you sign up there are three options. When you sign up these are your options.

Traffic posts are used to generate your free traffic. Some people worry that they will run out and have to pay more. Do not worry this will not happen. The reason for this is you are joining like-minded people in a community. They share each other’s content and by doing this they get points. These they can then use to generate their own traffic. It really is that simple, you will start off with points, use them to get traffic, and earn more by sharing other peoples content.

Traffic ivy system
Traffic ivy

Simply Create Your Traffic Ivy Account choose your traffic points package below and your account will be ready to go.

create a campaign with the content to be shared and using your traffic points, start to get traffic.

By sharing other people content you will earn more points. Also by using the rating system, you can ensure you only get high-quality traffic.

Traffic Ivy Get Points
Traffic Ivy

See How This Works

Traffic Ivy Demo

To be totally honest this just works. Everyone in the Traffic Ivy Community has the same goals. They all want traffic. They share other people content and in return other people share their content. Great idea and this will get you traffic. So do not waste time on paid ads, solo ads and other traffic methods. Do not even worry about SEO to drive traffic. There is actually no easier way to get traffic that I know of.

Everything You Need Is Included 

Traffic Ivy Creator
Traffic Ivy

The simple creator makes it so easy to produce content to be shared.

Plus all the traffic you get will be both trackable and organic. Free traffic interested in your offer.

It can be used by non bloggers

Another great benefit for internet marketers is that you do not need a blog. Just create content in the creator and boom get traffic to it.

Traffic Ivy No Blog No Worries
Traffic Ivy Plugin

Bloggers even get a powerful plugin

If you have a blog then this system is also for you. You get a great plugin that will be able to share quality content from other members directly to your blog. So you will get engaging niche specific content and also more points.

Simply with one click connect your social media accounts. Then you can choose which of these to share content too.

Traffic Ivy Rating System
Traffic Ivy Community

The Rating System

There is also lots of built-in protection to ensure that there is no spamming or misuse of the community system. The rating system helps by:

Using the Rating system you can review the share you received
There is a user blocking managment system, so you can prevent certain people or entire countries from sharing your content, giving you complete power of who’s sharing your content
Also, there is monitoring and training by real people. You’re sharing content on your valuable assets, so the Traffic Ivy team do what they can to encourage the best quality of everything.

This is an awesome guaranteed way to get traffic

To make sure that you are sharing quality content there is a featured content section. So you know you are not sharing uninteresting, low-quality information to your own social media sites or blogs.

Traffic Ivy Featured Content
Traffic Ivy Featured

Get guaranteed traffic

Traffic Ivy Bonuses
Traffic Ivy Bonuses

This is such a powerful traffic driving community. The reviews are amazing and it is constantly growing. There are members in all niches so your content will be shared to targeted audiences. Also, the content you share will also be in the niche you are operating in.

I can not recommend this highly enough. It is an awesome way to get traffic.

Now you have a great way to get traffic to your offers. It really does work. Another way I get great traffic is from Pinterest I use a system called Pinflux which automates my Pinterest marketing and also builds my Pinterest following. I highly recommend this as well. So why not check it out.

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Or maybe this simple traffic generation method suits you more

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