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Social Jacker Review

Social Jacker Review

By stevechic 0 Comment 21/04/2019

Get Traffic And Leads from Top Social Networks With Social Jacker. If you are spending too much on paid ads to build your email list? Then stop right now, use Social jacker to get you all the leads you will ever need.

You do not need to create a website, paid ads, or landing page in order to get email leads. Most people think you need to do all these things. Well you are in for a shock if you are one of them

Introducing Social Jacker!

Social Jacker uses social media sites like Facebook to build your targeted email leads on complete autopilot. Yes! not just any old lead but highly targetted leads who are interested in your niche, or product.

Social Jacker – FEATURES

GetUnlimited, Targeted, REAL Email Leads via Facebook

You Can Run Up to 50 Campaigns and get unlimited leads on each campaign

There is fully customizable styling. You get to choose the colour, position on the page, width, height, font, background, border etc. Customise to your own personal style

Deploy on your own website, even on any number of pages you want.

Create CLOAKED Campaigns and use Authority Sites to Get Your Email Leads

HiJack any authority site and use that to build your list in 2 clicks.

Make Your Facebook Posts/Shares look just like the Original Site

Instantly COPY and PASTE, and Deploy Your Campaign

Download the HTML Code and upload it anywhere to start your Campaign

Use the Powerful WordPress Plugin to Integrate Campaigns

Get the Name, Email, Age, Gender, Picture of the Lead. This gives you amazing Targeting Capabilities + Personalization

Send Leads to Your Facebook MESSENGER at any time and convert into real chats.

Instantly Send a message to ANY of your Fan pages

Include “continue with facebook button” at any stage to collect REAL facebook emails and other info

Fully AUTOMATED “answer bot” have the app answer visitor questions in real time for you

Define spintax enabled “replies” that reply to visitors intelligently based on keywords they enter

Plus Define a custom title, welcome message, bot name, the thank you message, and default reply using spintax

Include any images you want anywhere in the app (in the title, welcome message, reply etc) either upload an image, or enter any image URL

Include any link you want anywhere in the app (in the title, welcome message, reply etc)

No Autoresponder needed, automatically stores all your leads and exports to CSV

OTO1 PRO Version Features

Here you get Unlimited Campaigns for Unlimited Websites

[+] “Bot automated learning” – view the most common questions asked by visitors & define auto-replies.

“Request email back” behaviour for the facebook button.

Allows visitors to leave a message and expect an email back.

Include any Youtube video you want anywhere in the title, welcome message, reply etc).

Use Dashboard stats (see total opt-ins, total impressions, daily opt-ins, daily impressions)

Allow export of emails using various filters

There is also Campaign SPLIT TESTING – fully automated.

integrate Like and Share buttons, so you can ask visitors to like or share any URL

Auto Popup for 10 times better lead capture and conversion

Popup audio notification that alerts visitors and attracts them

Play Custom Audio that directs visitors to take action or enter a contest.

Even you can Auto Play intro videos and welcome videos.

Allows Full autoresponder integration

Full tracking stats for all campaigns including impressions, opt-ins, opt-in rate, plus graphs

Download Social Jacker now!

How Does it Work?

Social Jacker:Good Points


Imitate any authority sites

Free, targeted leads from Facebook

No monthly costs

Get email leads on complete autopilot without website or landing page

Social Jacker:Bad Points

Need a fast internet connection

Social Jacker:Conclusion

Building your email list is one click away. Social Jacker is the only thing you need to need to get highly targetted email lists. Do not waste time with ads, opt-in forms on web pages. This is all you need.

GET Your copy of Social Jacker Here!

Now you have all these great leads what do you do with them. Email marketing is probably one of the best ways to earn online. Especially with a highly targeted list. What you need is a professional emailing system. A platform that give you all the tools you need. Some email providers charge you for the number of subscribers and emails you send. This is even a monthly fee. Cut out these costs and for a one time fee get a system where you are going to get both unlimited subscribers and unlimited emails.

Complete Solution
Email Marketing

Save money, get rid of your monthly fees and grab this now

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