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By stevechic 0 Comment 18/10/2019

Smart Funnelz is set up to help online marketers create funnels easily. Most marketers are struggling to generate leads online. This maybe because creating their own Sales Funnels and Money Pages are not their expertise. These two play an important role in internet marketing.

Smart Funnelz Software
Smart Funnelz

You need to have an eye-catching and engaging Sales Funnel. To get more attention from other people. However, the process is not that easy. You’re either looking at investing hours, weeks & months learning how to put together landing pages, sales funnels and digital products that at times don’t even make any money. The worst case scenario, is that you will end up paying designers and buying digital tools.

Good thing I have the perfect app that will help you achieve a perfect one! Introducing Smart Funnelz PRO!

This is a new breakthrough software leverages free traffic to get you more leads, sales, and commissions in minutes. It uses the power of quizzes and polls to get you big results.

Wanna know more? Let’s go check this review!

Create Great Funnels
Funnel Builder
Create great funnels


1. Three Types of Quizzes and Polls Can Be Created
2. Insert Video & Images Into Your Quizzes
3. Never-Before-Seen Technology Creates Profitable Quiz Funnels With “Money Pages”
4. Create Simple Lead Funnels With Different Types of Quizzes In Under 60 Seconds
5. Create “Money Pages” To Generate Instant Profit
6. Use “Money Pages” To Giveaway Products, Offers Discounts & Coupon Codes
7. Money Pages Allow You To Sell Products & Services With One Click
8. Monetize Your “Money Pages” With Adverts
9. Beautiful Drag & Drop Funnel Builder
10. Build Your List Whilst Driving Profits

Even more features

11. Instant FREE Viral Traffic With 1-Click Social Sharing
12. Capture Email Addresses Before Displaying Results
13. Redirect To ANY Page Automatically Once Results Are Displayed
14. Create ‘Money Pages’ To Monetize Your Audience
15. Variety of Money Pages Can Be Created From The Beautiful Templates
16. Capture Unlimited Leads FAST With Your Money Pages
17. Sell Products & Services With Just One Click
18. Offer Discounts & Coupon Codes
19. Use The Money Pages To Giveaway Products
20. Get Viral Free Traffic With 1-Click Social Sharing

How Does It Work?

Three steps
Three steps

Start Getting Hot Leads And Boost Your Conversions In Just 3 Simple Steps:

Login to the Smart Funnelz dashboard click ‘Start’ to create a campaign

Easily customize your new funnel, the op-in, and add a money page anywhere you want with just a few mouse clicks (no technical skills or experience needed)

Sit back as you get massive engagement, collect leads, and generate sales & commissions!

Watch The Awesome Smart Funnelz In Action…

Look at the benefits

The Money Pages Are
Where The Money Is!

Of course, you can also create your own Money Pages to use ANYWHERE you want in your quiz funnels…
…and you can customize any money page template that’s included with just a few clicks of your mouse.

These money pages present a unique opportunity to really cash in big time once the viewer or customer has completed the initial quiz.

What else can you do?

The various templates included with the software allow you to create a variety of different money pages.  

These include the ability to create simple landing pages to generate more leads, download pages where you can offer products for free…

Bonus style pages which will help you promote any affiliate product of your choice…
Generic contact and about us pages, video pages with buy buttons, landing pages to sell singular physical products or digital products.

The list goes on and on…

And once you’ve created your money page or selected one of the done for you templates, there’s a variety of ways you can use these pages to generate more sales, commissions and income.

As we said, you could either use these pages to sell products, or you could monetize them by displaying adverts, banner ads, Google Adsense ads, you could even sell advertising space on them to local businesses.  

In Summary

Ultimately the money page is where the magic happens with Smart Funnelz and gives you the unique opportunity to generate more sales and commissions.

awesome pages
Create great pages

Here’s Some of The Awesome
Money Pages You Can Create!

awesome pages
Example pages

So you can create all sorts of pages not just quizzes. Grab your copy today


100% Newbie Friendly Cloud Based Web App

Nothing To Download – Securely Hosted In The Cloud

Never-Before-Seen Technology Creates Profitable Quiz Funnels With “Money Pages”

And there is more

Create Simple Lead Funnels With Different Types of Quizzes In Under 60 Seconds

Create “Money Pages” To Generate Instant Profit

Use “Money Pages” To Giveaway Products, Offers Discounts & Coupon Codes

Money Pages Allow You To Sell Products & Services With One Click

Monetize Your “Money Pages” With Adverts

More Benefits

Beautiful Drag & Drop Funnel Builder

Build Your List Whilst Driving Profits 

Instant FREE Viral Traffic With 1-Click Social Sharing

No Website, List or Existing Products Required 

No Tech Skills Required – Training Included

There you have it!

It is amazing and will get you sales, leads and so much more. Go ahead and grab your copy today

I hope you will invest in this software because this is worth it. Take advantage of the best price right now. Otherwise you will end up getting the high price. With its 30-day Money Back Guarantee, you can never go wrong.

Hurry and click the Buy Button now!

If you are a more experienced marketer and would like a more professional nut still very easy to use funnel builder that also provides all these extra solutions. I woiuld recommend going and grabbing this system. It will serve so many more purposes. It depends if you want memebership sites, . The ability to sell products. Collect leads and even more options. If you desire any of these then buy FX Funnels you will not regret it.


FXFunnel is a new breakthrough Funnel and Membership Page Builder that helps marketers remove the guesswork from their funnel building process by auto simulating and predicting how much profit a funnel can make before you create a funnel or spend a dime sending traffic to it. This is amazing and so useful.

Plus with the inbuilt Unique URL membership page protection technology,

None of your subscribers can share Login details to your membership page with anyone else. This is because the moment a user opens up the member area on their device it locks onto it and cannot be opened elsewhere unless they seek permission from you. So it not only has built-in security but lets you know the profitability of your funnels


 FXFunnel is a revolutionary new cloud-based software that changes everything because it finally makes it easy for anyone, even a total newbie to create a membership site, sales funnel, and securely deliver products that someone has purchased.

Check it out if you want or need all the other benefits

That is my review of Smart Funnels and my recommendations. If you are a newbie who just wants lead and sales then choose Smart Funnels. If you want all the other options I recommend jumping in and getting FX Funnels.

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