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SharpSocial Review

SharpSocial Review

By stevechic 0 Comment 28/02/2019


You need SharpSocial if you answer yes to these questions.

You have lots of views on your YouTube account and lots of comments on your Instagram account right?

If this is you, why not turn them into cash?

You can change those comments into referrals, traffic leads, direct sales with the push of just a button.

There are lots of people commenting on your social media accounts all the time and viewing your posts, it is better to reach out to them the right way and make something of it.

If they are not interaction and you are not getting traffic to your offers then something is going wrong.

SharpSocial has you covered.


What is SharpSocial?

The worlds first ’emotional-broadcast-responder’ 
that gets you FREE targeted traffic with FREE IBM Technology.

Sharp Social is a tool that helps you connect your Facebook and YouTube, it then scans all your posted comments and analyses them using Artificial Intelligence. It uses IBM’s technology. You will know what your audience is feeling and respond to them with the click of a button.

It understands your messages, the emotions, and sentiments and sends out a private message or replies to comments quickly and appropriately. It uses the moods of your clients to return messages back.

SharpSocial is one of the most profitable and engaging social application ever created.

SharpSocial demo

Who is SharpSocial for?

Sharp Social is for anyone who has a Facebook account, a YouTube account.

SharpSocial Works For Any Type Of Business…

  • Ecommerce seller — trying to increase sales?
  • TeeSpring marketer — trying to increase traffic?
  • Facebook Advertiser — recover ad spend by engaging, non engaging ad traffic
  • Coach — trying to deliver awesome customer service?
  • Blogger — trying to figure out the best content to create?

SharpSocial is just three simple steps

Three Steps
Three Steps

How SharpSocial can turn your comments and engagements into products.

  • It will connect and scan your YouTube and/or Facebook accounts for your user’s comments.
  • SharpSocial uses advanced learning and Artificial Intelligence technology from IBM to tell you which comments are positive, negative or neutral and show you the comment’s emotions like happiness, sadness, or anger.
  • It lets you send out a custom private message based on the emotions of the comments. It is really that easy to use; no complicated dashboard.

How can you use SharpSocial?

First you create a campaign. Connect your Facebook or YouTube account. Click on the Facebook tab, sharp social will show your posts, date orders, likes, and comments. By clicking on the insights, you can get a report of your overall fan page impressions, page engagement, analytics and reactions to the pages.

Facebook Analytics
Facebook Analytics
FaceBook Analytics
FaceBook Analytics

By clicking on the analytics, it shows you a view of the sentimental page; whether the comments are positive, negative or neutral. It also shows the growth, consumption and daily video views of your page.

You can go back to a post that has a lot of comments and reactions, click on an arrow and leave a personalized comment for negative or positive posts.

If You want to you can also do a bulk action based message to a group of people with related sentiments.

It Shows you the overall sentiments on your post.

What does SharpSocial offer?

  • You can protect your position by sending support messages to people that are angry, confused or feeling negative and shut down negativity.
  • Turn your neutral followers into customers, and entice them.
  • Change your upset fans into proper users by sending them information and links.
  • GET happy customers too by sending them a referral link.

SharpSocial Youtube Features


You can check YouTube subscriber growth, also the emotion of the comments. Group people by their emotion and reply to them.

What will I get from using SharpSocial?

  • Turn the comments of the viewers to cash
  • Get direct sales from views and more traffic on your page.
  • Improve the confidence of your viewers, customer service and also prompt replies.
  • Boost the reaction of your fan page.
  • Protect yourbrand image and reputation.
  • Change the negative comments on your page into sales.
  • Increase communication with your viewers.
  • Saves time from replying one on one to every comment or views on your page.
  • It is 100% cooperative with YouTube and Facebook.

Are there any downsides to SharpSocial?

Based on the fact that this is a tool that solves problems with reading and answering all the comments on your pages. It saves you time and increases communication. It is a great tool.

To be honest it solves marketing problems and coverts both negative and positive comments into traffic and sales. it is easy to use and I have found no real downsides at all. Anyone can use this.

Stop Being a Slave To Social Media – Let 
SharpSocial Brings You More Traffic, Leads
& Sales

  • Improve trust and customer service response times
  • Increase Facebook page responsiveness score
  • Protect your reputation
  • Turn negative comments into sales
  • Boost conversions
  • Uncover winning content
  • Separate yourself from the competition

Can You Afford To Ignore 
& NOT USE SharpSocial?

Can you afford to spend hours manually responding to everybody who mentions you, comments or your posts, or talks about you online?

Sure, you can just ignore these people, but…

You will lose thousands of potential sales — from people who were excited or confused about your content, but you didn’t follow up with them to close the sale.

Your reputation will get torn apart — from people who talk crap about you online, but you didn’t see those comments, or you simply didn’t have time to respond to them all.

Payment options
Payment options

Get it here today and start leaving a great impression to your visitors!

The above price options make it a bad decision not to buy the single account as the power of having the ability to add multiple accounts if well worth the extra few bucks

If you do not know these two marketers they have produced many of the best software’s for online marketing and are highly respected in the industry. Personally, I use some of their tools every day and get great success.

Let’s look at the benefits of the OTO’s I will suggest what I think is worthwhile and those you can do without

Get it here today and start leaving a great impression to your visitors!

SharpSocial OTO,s

There are four oto’s on offer

SharpSocial Platinum

SharpSocial Platinum
SharpSocial Platinum

This is well worth the price and gets you more traffic, sales and communication with Twitter and Instagram. You also benefit from have a license for 5 team members and also an outsourcers license


This is ridiculously cheap bearing in mind what you get. Plus they are also giving you bonuses valued at over $1000. Which will help you boost your online success! If you decide not to go with these then you will be taken to a down sell

Get it here today and start leaving a great impression to your visitors!

OTO 1 Downsell Sharp Social ACE

Here you get the facility to use the features of the platinum upgrade but without the team members and outsourcer licenses. So if you are happy doing the work yourself them grab the extra features

SharpSocial ACE

Sharp Social ACE

SharpSocial ACE

I highly recommend that you do either get platinum or ace as the extra power it will give you to get customers is awesome

OTO 2 Gives you an agency licence so you can sell

agency licence

This is good for people who want to start their own agency and selling services for businesses. However, if you just want to concentrate on your business I recommend that this is not needed

OTO 3 ViralSoci

You already have software to analyse your comments and reply. Now they are offering a way to actually get

UNLIMITED High Quality Native Video & Images Content For Your FB Fan Page &
Publish On AutoPilot

Of Course this will boost your fan base and get more views and comments. It is powerful and will build your brand image and reputation. Also it saves you a lot of time as posting is done for you.


I recommend this as it will really boost your online following

OTO 4 Reseller licences

If you want to resell the product yourself and keep all the profit then this is for you. Personally I never buy these as I prefer to concentrate on my main business. However if you want a seond income stream then this maybe for you.


The software is very easy to use, saves you time replying to all your positive comments or deleting your negative comments. With Sharp Social, your page becomes enticing, easier to communicate, and increases your traffic and sales; thereby making your social network application profitable and engaging. It will boost your online reputation, generate traffic and increase your sales

Get it here today and start leaving a great impression to your visitors!

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