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Sales Funnel The Way To Make Money Online

By stevechic 0 Comment 12/11/2019

How to Design Profitable Sales Funnels 

A sales funnel is essentially a filter system.

There are many different types of people your link or content will attract on the internet. Most of these are not interested in buying, at least not right now. Your sales funnel helps you process buyers to maximize the amount of dollars you can get out of them.
Most sales funnels are not set up the right way A lot of marketers fail because they think they have a sales funnel. What they have is a filter system that does not work.

What makes a great sales funnel?

A sales funnel does the following:

  • Sales funnels must demonstrate the value of a particular solution.
  • A Sales funnel must speak to the needs of people looking for a solution.
  • Also Sales funnels must build trust in a particular category of solution.
  • Every Sales funnels must direct potential buyers to a specific category of solutions                 leading to a specific typeof product.
  • They must build trust in a specific product offering to the exclusion of                                          competing offers.
  • If your sales funnel doesn’t do ALL of the above, you have a leaky bucket. 

How do you know your sales funnel is working? 

This is actually very easy. Either you’re making the money from your online activities or you’re not. That’s the bottom line. It’s very easy to figure out. 

Don’t obsess about traffic.

Also Don’t get all excited about click through rates. 

And Don’t put too much faith on how many people engage with your content on social media.

All those are important but the most important is PROFIT. To generate profit, your funnel MUST convert. Focus on conversion at the end of the funnel first. Then work back up the funnel to maximize the effectiveness of each step prior to conversion.

Sales funnels have different components.

This is where people mess up. They think that a sales funnel is just about converting traffic into cash. They don’t realize that you need to give people information so they trust you enough to buy whatever it is you are selling. A sales funnel is made up of two parts. The content funnel and a conversion funnel. Don’t confuse them. They are not the same. They do overlap each other, but they are not the same. 

A conversion funnel takes traffic and turns it into cash by getting people to go through a series of pages or blocks of text within one page. As the person progresses through each section, that person develops the following: 

First, they get the impression that you know what you’re talking about. 

They start to believe that you are knowledgeable enough about whatever it is you’re talking about. This can be in one page; this can be in a couple of pages. Or this can take place in a series of pages or it can take the form of a series of emails. 

Regardless, it’s all about building credibility. Without this you will not sell.

An effective conversion funnel sets things up in such a way that the more your prospect reads your stuff, the more they believe you. This ultimately creates enough trust for your prospect to do what you want them to do. 

This can take different forms. 

You can ask them to fill out a form and when they fill out the form, you get paid by a sponsor. Maybe you can ask them to click on a sales link that says “Order Now.” When they buy something, you get a commission. Or you can ask them to enter their email address and join your mailing list. Regardless of the form it takes, the goal of a conversion funnel is the same. It’s all about getting traffic from the Internet, filtering it down to a core group of people who believe you and trust your authority enough to do what you want them to do.

What is a Content Funnel? 

A content funnel is a series of blog posts, articles, and pages both on your side and on third-party websites that step visitors through different stages of trust. At first, you get them to understand and believe that you are credible when it comes to specific body of knowledge. For example, if people are looking for tips on how to de-worm their dogs, your content funnel would start with material that answers basic questions regarding the de-worming process. 

When people read these, they get the information that they’re looking for but they’re probably looking for other information. Now that they know how to de-worm a dog, is there a best way to do it? 

Is there a product that makes it as quick, painless, and convenient as possible? 

Your content funnel takes care of all these questions but it all does it in the context of building greater and greater trust in your authority. 

It starts with establishing in the minds of the reader that you are knowledgeable and credible enough about the basic questions that they’re asking. If they like what they read and they still have other questions regarding which solution is the best, they can click to link and then you would then lead them through your comparison of the different types of solutions out there.

 Again, these are not necessarily individual products. 

These can be just different ways to help your dog. You can compare the different ways. There is a one hundred percent organic way and then there are the traditional chemical ways, so on and so forth. You compare these then to highlight to the reader that you can be trusted because you know enough to be able to compare. Then you suggest a specific solution and then when they click through to that, they end up on a Trust page. This is where basically you earn their trust by spelling out usually in the form of an in-depth report or a review of the pros and cons of a specific product or solution. From here, you can then convert them. You can link them to a conversion funnel or you can get them to sign up to a mailing list. 

Sales funnels are very effective if you do them right. This guide will help you to create effective sales funnels easil


Sales funnels

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