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PointRank Review

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People usually go to Google or YouTube to find solutions to their problems and if you are a digital marketer you should be able to maximize this information to your advantage with your offers. This is where ranking on search engines becomes paramount to your success because the truth is if you rank high and stay there for a long time there is a very high potential for you to drive traffic and generate sales. But getting your promotions to rank takes hard work, money and lots of research. Can you imagine what it feels like to be on Page No. 1 of Google or YouTube and get a flood of traffic? That is what PointRank can do for you! Yes you can place an offer to solve a problem at the top of the search engines so everyone can find it.

What is PointRank?

PointRank results

This is a new and innovative software that creates simple little videos that rank for multiple keywords on Page #1 of both Google and YouTube in a matter of minutes and can stay on top for years.

PointRank Software

This software will generate, optimize and promote your business video in just a few minutes. With PointRank, you can get page #1 rankings without backlinks, video creation or any Search Engine Optimization (SEO) knowledge. This powerful tool will increase your viewing numbers, leads and eventually sales. Start ranking your videos easily.

How Does PointRank Work?

PointRank works in 4 simple steps:
Enter the keyword for which you want to drive traffic to your offer. It will then go and find the top-ranking videos for your keyword providing you the Title, Description and Tags which you can choose, use and edit in setting up your video.
Select a video you can upload from the gallery, add your own branding details and links and schedule it for how many times you want it to go live. With just a few clicks you can set it to go live for any number of times for the next month.

Rank the video using the automated live event submission technology without actually going live and you can do it to multiple videos at once. This is the engine that drives your traffic. Live videos are popular, and YouTube and Google promote them moreover
standard videos thus, their rankings are usually higher.
Long Term
Get long term rankings with sticky technology and enjoy free traffic. Since you have scheduled everything, all you need to do is wait for the influx of traffic every single day on complete automation. Get awesome traffic like you have never had before

All you need to do is follow the above steps and you are on your way to rank high and rank for a long time.

About the Creators

Tom Yevsikov along with his partners, Gaurab Borah and Yogesh Agarwal created this groundbreaking software that will make you gain traffic and earnings even with no SEO knowledge just like Yevsikov who thinks SEO is an enigma even with its potential to drive traffic.

PointRank Software Advantages:

It saves you from the nightmare of traditionally getting traffic and rankings by trying to rank or paying others to do it for you: which equals to high expenses, hard work, lots of research and lots of waiting time. With this system, there is no manual complicated work, no hidden expensesm or paid traffic and you will get results in just a few minutes. Amazing just try it ut and start making more sales.

Good keywords are really difficult to rank for. You need a lot of time to research but with this software you will be using existing keywords and other SEO elements that are already working and ranking. So save time and get better results faster.

It is an automated software that does all the hard work for you so that all you need to do is just collect payments from the traffic you have gained and the sales you have generated. Grab this system it will really save you time and get you great results.

It only has 4 easy to follow steps to success that you don’t need skills or special experience.

Other benefits include

There are a lot of positive reviews about the product proving that the system works.

The system comes with bonuses like Special Live Webinar Training, Video Template Builder and Image/Thumbnail Editor.

You are covered by the 30 Days Money Back Guarantee.


PointRank only supports YouTube and not other video platforms like Vimeo. But that will be the only platform you need to generate great traffic from. So jump onboard today and start earning easily.

This is a cloud-based software thus you need to be connected to the internet.

Demo Video:


Go ahead and conquer video marketing


It is an all in one platform that generates, optimizes, and ranks videos in just a matter of minutes. So that you get 100% free traffic from Google and YouTube. With this software, you won’t need to experience the grueling process of driving traffic.

You may just be starting your online business and you need something that is simplified. Not some system that includes complex processes, This software is the most reliable and fastest way to start your online marketing business. It is easy, automated and effective.

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Go ahead and conquer video marketing

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