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pinflux review

Pinflux honest review

By stevechic 0 Comment 05/05/2019

What is Pinflux? It is an automated system that generates traffic from Pinterest, Because, Pinterest is the fastest growing traffic source for e-commerce, brands, bloggers and even social media marketers.

It has over 250 million monthly active users, a high presence of female users, and a big percentage of buyers, this platform is vital for any online marketer’s success. So Pinflux helps take advantage of this platform by getting you highly targeted free traffic.

Because there was no effective automation software that unlocked every feature of Pinterest, it was very difficult and time consuming to use. Pinflux is the only software that automates Pinterest Marketing

This Has Powerful Pinterest Automation Features

Works with multiple boards across multiple IDs.

Plus it automates pinning of fresh content.

Find pins in any niche and re-pins them to your boards. Just use the search facility


Amazingly it can also automatically follow niche targeted profiles. Even unfollow profiles that did not follow you back.

Pinflux features

Check out how this works

Pinflux demo

Easily Send hundreds Of Buyers To Any Offer With Just A Few Clicks. Remember these are highly targeted visitors to your offers

Find quality new pins then pin them.

Genrate all the traffic you need with free content for your Pinterest boards.

With this software, You Can Promote multiple boards

Create niche-focused boards and attract only the best, highest quality traffic.

Schedule Your Pins 

You can easily Schedule pins and get the traffic when it’s there.

Get quality repins

Then use images that you can repin to get traffic and also to link with other marketers

Auto-follow Boards 

This feature helps you to get more follows and build your Pinterest following faster by engaging others.


Plus there is an automatically unfollow feature

Now you can get rid of the people who don’t follow you back.

Complete reporting of every activity that the software does.

Always know what’s working and what’s not.

Achieve More Sales & Signups

Pinflux allows you to promote your sites and offers using custom descriptions, links and call to actions in the pins and get traffic.

Quick & Easy Setup

Get Massive Free Traffic

Be One of The Smart Marketers Who Use Pinterest

Look at the statistics on Pinterest users


What do these figures mean?

There is an amazing amount of hungry buyer traffic there every day. Searching images for things they want.

Getting Pinterest Traffic Is Much Easier Than Getting Traffic On Facebook. Twitter, Instagram and many other platforms.

Pinflux review

Become A Profitable Pinterest Marketer

What I Like about this software

Pinflux Will Tap Into Pinterest & Extract Buyer Traffic For You. It is a true point and one-click traffic-getting machine. It Saves you hours and days of work on Pinterest. Plus it eliminates all those boring, tiring, and repetitive tasks.

By using this you start getting real leads and buyers from Pinterest with just a few simple steps! You Can Get Traffic In 15 Minutes.

Start Getting New Buyers By Just Following 3 Simple Steps

Pinflux Step 1
Pinflux Step 1
Pinflux step 2
Pinflux step 2
Pinflux step 3
Pinflux step 3

Really it is so simple and gets targeted traffic from a highly used social media network.

I recommend Pinflux for:

Ecom Marketers

Sell more by targeting the best buying audience for your products, people like Women and Home shoppers. Put your images and links out there for people to find. BECAUSE THIS WILL GET THE TRAFFIC YOU NEED.

Content Marketers

Do you have a blog or even a video channel? Then reap the benefits of free targeted traffic.

Social Media Marketers

Because content that people are attracted to is more likely to go viral. So let Pinflux put out great images for you.

Affiliate Marketers

Promote your offers to an audience that’s got the buyer mentality. They. are searching for things they want already, so put your offer in front of their eyes

Product Vendors

Place images of your products and watch the sales rocket.

Take Control Of Your Pinterest Marketing

Let us recap what Pinflux will do for you


Search for boards or pins using any keywords from your niche.


Easily set up a pinning schedule and create pins to unlimited boards on 100% autopilot


Find the best pins from your niche and automatically re-pin them to your boards.


As well as the other great features it will help to build your following, just follow people from your niche and they will follow back. However, if they do not follow you then Pinflux has a solution for that as well.


Activate the software to discover fresh content to like and grow your audience.


Remember the software can send traffic anywhere through links and descriptions.

Finally, get traffic easily by using Pinterest Marketing

Excellent Training Shows You What To Do!

Not Just The Tool But How To Be Successful With It,

If you want a completely done for you system that will earn you affiliate commissions, build your list, and send out emails for you as well. Then I highly recommend checking out this system. I personally use it.

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