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Instazon Review

By stevechic 0 Comment 26/02/2019


Instazon :The software is easy to use and works to get you a powerful Amazon Business Using Free Traffic & Automated Stores

Inside You Get Everything You Need To Setup A Profitable Business on Amazon

Instazon software
Everything you get access to

The best way to make great commissions is to select a niche that is high in demand.

It is not easy to earn money in niches that are too broad due to the high competition. For example, if you chose the Camera niche then there are a lot of competitors out there. It is better to choose a smaller niche to say action cameras or even Canon DSLR Cameras. You then are specialising is a sub-niche that is high in demand. To make it easier for your this software includes four great tools. They help you choose a profitable niche.

Great software tools

Instazon WordPress Plugins

Now that you have selected your niche how do you set up your commission generating site?  Instazon has you covered here as well. You get two great plugins;

  1. WP Amz store this is very powerful. All you do it set it up on your WordPress site. Once activated type in a niche keyword and the plugin builds you site filling it with products
  2. Wp product recommender is a great add on. This will let you show on your product pages related products
Build your site
Build your site

How Instazon will help you

How it helps you
How it helps you

It will help you find a great niche that is in high demand.

You can easily build your own store within WordPress, and import recommended products.

You will be able to find the best keywords, the best products and the best niches. will

Is it difficult to use?

Inside you will find simple and straightforward training

Instazon includes 4 software packages,

Plus 2 Powerful WordPress

It helps you set up an Amazon business from the beginning.

Everything you need is included to help you make profit from Amazon 

Look at the demo below to see how easy it is!!!!

Product wizard

Instazon Search Wizard – Find the top selling products for a keyword

Instazon Review Wizard – Use reviews to find what customers want

Instazon Keywords Wizard

So using the first four softwares to find a great niche, products and keywords is simple to do. Now you need to set up your word press site. Simple upload and activate the plugin. Then complete the settings, you will need to add your Amazon Affiliate ID. There is great training on how to upload, activate and set up the plugin. It is very easy to do.

What I Like about Instazon

  • It is a Cloud software
  • You get two great WordPress Plugins
  • It does not require high skills anyone can use it
  • The software will work in any niche
  • A complete easy training course
  • Instazon is ideal for beginners and experienced marketers as it makes entering a niche a lot easier. You will find profitable niches, products and have less competition

Build your own Profitable Business Today

What I do not like

  • There is all you need to succeed here but the training can take some time. However, you can get up and running quickly. Make sure you follow all the training to ensure you are making the most out of all four software.
  • There are OTO’s some of which I feel are not needed and I will go through these now.

  • Build your own Profitable Business Today

Instazon OTO 1

Pro Sales

This upgrade allows you to find and promote Aliexpress products this will help make more sales. It also gives visitors more choice.

The real benefit I like is you can create unlimited stores with the developer’s licence. I recommend this as you have no limitations and you can crank out as many stores as you want

Only $47
Only $47

Instazon OTO 2

The Traffic Puller– Viral Reach Pro Demo 

Get Traffic
Get Traffic

Viral reach is a tool that will help you drive traffic 100% organically on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter

Credi Response Demo

Sitecontact Pro is the upgraded version and gives you

site contact pro benefits
site contact pro
site contact pro

site contact pro

You can Sign Up Subscribers On Your Site & Send Them Personal Messages Any Time

This is powerful and you will be able to drive traffic from Facebook, collect leads and make more money with these three tools

Viral reach
Viral reach
Site Contact
Site Contact
Only $67
Only $67

This is a very powerful traffic pack and also allows you to build a buyers list of hot customers. I personally have this and it helps get sales immediately and also gives you a link to customers to contact for future sales as well.

Instazon OTO 3

OTO 2 (Agency 70 / 200 Licenses):

Personally I do not like agency licenses. I know they let you sell the product amd ,make 100% commissions. However The main purpose of buying the product is to set up your own profit business. Yes. of course you can make extra money promoting the software, but this could distract from your marketing of your amazon business and will take up time that you could be using on your main business

In summary, this is ideal for setting up profitable online niche stores. If you want to expand your business and have unlimited niches stores then the benefits of OTO1 are excellent. OTO 3 will help you build a customer base and drive traffic to your stores easily. If you already have a list and are confident using paid and unpaid traffic sources then you may not want this. Personally, I have found it very useful, and it has helped me generate a lot of sales and traffic

Build your own Profitable Business Today

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