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IM Checklist Review

By stevechic 0 Comment 12/10/2019

You might have heard a lot about Internet Marketing especially if you want to start an online venture. But you may lack the knowledge on how to start and may get confused about different platforms you want to use to begin your online marketing journey. But a successful marketer, Kevin Fahey has created the IM Checklist, designed to make your marketing easier and more profitable. Kevin is an experience marketer and he provides you with all the training you need. Plus the checklists are great to make sure you do all the necessary tasks in order and complete them. You get full training, webinars and can track your progress easily. Nothing is left out and you will succeed with this.

The really clever thing about this course is all the products and checklists inside come with PLR rights that means you can use them and even rebrand them to sell as your own. So not only are you getting training but you are getting your own products as well.

What is IM Checklist?

IM Checklist is composed of more than 373 Marketing Checklists with Private Label Rights. The IM Checklist currently has 19 volumes namely:

1 – Product Creation
2 – Email Marketing
3 – Social Media Marketing
4 – Affiliate Marketing
5 – Video Marketing
6 – Canva Design
7 – Newbie Marketer
8 – Messenger Marketing
9 – Outsourcing
10 – Self Publishing
11 – Building a Business on WordPress
12 – Offline Business Startup
13 – Make Money Online with your Skills – Crisis Management
14 – Search Engine Optimization
15 – YouTube Advertising
16 – Copywriting
17 – ClickBank Marketing
18 – LinkedIn Marketing
19 – Selling on Webinars

Each volume has proven processes to make your internet marketing in various niches a successful one. These are checklists that really give value and can help you enormously in performing the various steps to succeed in your chosen venture. A checklist is an effective and helpful tool that can guide you on what to do and can save you ample time.

It’s a monthly subscription and the creator provides a new one each month plus the Private Label Rights which allows you to edit and rebrand and can claim full authorship

This is amazing value so go ahead and jump onboard and start earning and learning/

Who is the Creator of IM Checklist?

IM Checklist is created by Kevin Fahey, a full-time internet marketer, professional list builder and search engine optimization expert. He is the owner of online IM support.

Have a look at a couple of items inside

PLR success
PLR Kickstart


IM Checklist Volume 20


Discover The Secrets The TOP PLR Producers Use To Build Six Figure Businesses

PLR Kickstart Checklist

Top 10 PLR Profit Models

PLR Rolodex with the main Producers

How To Make PLR Unique

Re-Writing PLR Articles

PLR Kickstart Checklist

Top 10 PLR Profit Models

PLR Rolodex with the main Producers

How To Make PLR Unique

Graphics PLR Rebranding

Written Content-PLR Rebranding

Video PLR Rebranding

Sales Page PLR Rebranding –

Re-Writing PLR Articles

linkedin success


IM Checklist Volume 18


Become LinkedIn Marketing Expert With These 18 Step-By-Step Checklists In 5 Formats With Full PLR!

1. Optimizing Presence On LinkedIn
2. How To Do Business With LinkedIn?
3. Creating A Killer Student Profile
4. How To Setup Your  Company Page?
5. How To Create A Marketing Strategy For Your LinkedIn Business?
6. A How-To Guide On Advertising
7. Free LinkedIn Marketing Tactics
8. Making Money On The LinkedIn ​
9. How To Build Your Affiliate Marketing Company With LinkedIn?

10. The Do’s And Don’ts Of LinkedIn
11. How To Use LinkedIn Tools
12. Creating A Content Marketing Plan
13. How To Get More  Page Followers?
14. Creating Ad Formats On LinkedIn
15. 16 Must-Have: LinkedIn Marketing
16. 2019 LinkedIn Profile Checklist
17. How To Access Your Page Performance?
18. The Ultimate LinkedIn Marketing Checklist

How to Use IM Checklist?

To succeed online and make your business profitable, there is a lot that you should learn. Online marketing covers a wide range of topics that you need to be acquainted with, so to educate yourself to various relevant marketing, Kevin Fahey brings you the IM Checklist which you can follow to create lead magnets and maximize your profits. Also, you can even give these checklists to your outsourced contractors for better results.

No more grueling research. It walks you through what needs to be done rather than trying to guess what to do. It is like having the successful Kevin Fahey himself instructing and guiding you step-by-step in your internet marketing business.

After your purchase, you will gain full access to all the checklists just by creating your username and password on their secure site and there will be new releases every month of topics related to online marketing.


Full Training

IM Checklist Advantages:

Relevant and proven checklists that work to make your online marketing business a success.

Gaining access to an entire marketing gold training vault that has over 20 hours of training and monthly training webinars.

This will save you time and resources because it will guide you to the right direction on what to do.

Improve on your chosen project or niche by using the checklists.

The creator is a credible and expert online marketer with more than 10 years of experience in internet marketing.

Use these checklists whether you are a complete newbie or an advanced online marketer.

The Private Label Rights lets you edit, add graphics and rebrand and lets you add the checklist to paid membership sites.

Get a 5-day full access trial for an initial charge of $3.00.

IM Checklist Disadvantages:

It is a monthly subscription, so there is a recurring fee, but the checklists are also updated every month. The value you get is way beyond the price you pay

You don’t get master resell rights and can’t give them away on free membership sites.

IM Checklist
IM Checklist

My Recommendation:

These Checklists are valuable, and you need them if you want to succeed on your digital marketing journey. The checklists have been gathered and experienced by the expert online marketer himself, Kevin Fahey. To know how to start and what to do next, you need these checklists to have better results. You will get value for your monthly membership fee as you will gain full access to relevant steps that towards your online success. It also eliminates the frustration of forgetting something because you will be following a step-by-step process that can improve your business. Plus you get resources you can use in your business/

You will definitely get results as the checklists focus you to improve your business without you having to wonder or guess what to do next . Have the profitable business you want in an easier way with IM Checklist.

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