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Facebook How To Master the beast

By stevechic 0 Comment 17/11/2019

10 Secret Tricks to Master Facebook

Why master facebook?

If you can master Facebook, then you can make easy money online. Facebook is one of the most powerful platforms for any marketer to master and if you only ever invest your time and effort into one single social media platform, it should probably be Facebook. The impressive stats surrounding Facebook are by now old news but they are still worth repeating. It is nothing short of the second biggest website on the net – right behind Google. 

If it were a country, then it would be one of the largest in the world. 

Facebook has 1.44 billion monthly active users, at least 72% of Facebook users check in every month. Every day about 936 million people will check in. 65% use it daily. Among those users, the average time spent on the site per visit is 21 minutes. In total there are 1,310,000,000 people who use Facebook regularly, which includes 680,000,000 daily users. 

Every 20 minutes, there are one million links shared, two million friends requested and three million messages sent. All of this is really academic though. Statistics like this are changing all the time. All you need to know is that Facebook is big in terms of numbers. And what’s more, is that those users are not just active on Facebook. They are engaging and taking part and they are sitting on the site for long periods of time. In other words: this is pretty much the perfect storm for marketers looking for somewhere to access a large number of people. And Facebook isn’t just a big site full of lots of highly engaged users. It’s also perfect in terms of the tools and features that it provides marketers. 

Why use Facebook?

You have a gigantic number of people you can reach. Facebook gives you all the tools you could possibly need to reach the most useful members of that audience in a highly targeted way. A big part of this of course is Facebook advertising. Of course this is the paid option for reaching your Facebook audience and that makes it the ‘premium’ choice in many ways. 5 If you want the very most powerful tools for reaching people on Facebook, you need to pay for PPC advertising. Don’t let that put you off though. if you get this right then it will entirely pay for itself and you will make all of your investment back. We’re going to look into how you should go about using Facebook marketing and advertising. It will be in depth and in the process you will gain all the skills you need. Then you can start making the most of this incredible tool and resource.

 Facebook advertising is actually incredibly nuanced with a ton of different elements. This is something that very few people will probably understand before they get involved. Therefore read on to learn all about it so that you can jump in with  knowledge  By the end, you’ll know more about Facebook marketing than 90% of those using the platform…

Master Facebook

Email Marketing is important today but also you need to contact people in other ways

In todays technological society people are always using text, SMS and mobile phone to communicate. Emails is still used but these other methods are growing in importance. There is a system now that will cover email and all these other communication methods

Sendiio solves a major issue because affiliate marketing relies a lot on the power of communication with potential customers. Everyone has heard about the money being in the list. Yes, that old saying again. However if you have a responsive email list you can easily earn future sales. People will trust you and buy from you, if you provide them with value and do not just try and sell in every email.

However, today society has changed, and more people are using mobile phone technology to access the internet and communicate. So the ability to contact people this way by text messaging and also via Facebook is very important. There is a solution to cover all these options. It is Called Sendiio.
sendiio suite

Instantly Access The First and ONLY Auto-responder That Allows You To Profit From The Power of Email, Text & FB Messenger Under ONE Central Dashboard With ZERO MONTHLY Fees!

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Remember this is no ordinary email auto responder system.You also have a built in messenger system, sms system and text messaging. This has you covered and allows you to contact customers in many different and effective ways.

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