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Digi Store Builder

Digi Store Builder Review

By stevechic 0 Comment 01/03/2019

Why you need Digi Store Builder

Digi Store Builder solves many problems.

Problem 1 It takes a lot of time to build a good website.

If you have tried building your own sites before, you already know that it takes a lot of technical knowledge, time, and money just to get it done. Even though you can easily use the features of web page builders, WordPress plugins etc. It can be tedious working out the design, adding content and doing SEO.

So here is the solution and it works. Because Digi Store Builder sets Up your site the right way, with all essential pages, plugins, and even products

Online Marketers say if you want to earn real money online you should be selling your own products from your own website. So that’s another challenge you face when you start your own internet business.

After building your site where do you get content and do you have your own products to sell?

Once again there is a solution and you can easily solve both these issues.

Yes, Digi Store Builder helps you to easily overcome these two issues and gives you so much more. It even provides products you can sell immediately, and if that is not enough it will do all the SEO as well

Introducing Digi Store Builder

This software is powerful and it helps you to launch your own online store where you can sell software products, courses, & eBooks in just 60 seconds. It comes pre-loaded with 10 digital products provided by the front end offer. These you can start selling immediately.

So your site gets built and you have products to sell straight away. This means you can quickly start to get paid

let us look deeper into what it will do for you.

Digi Store builder gives you sales pages for your business site which fully comply with the GDPR law. So even sales pages are done for you, and it gets better

●    It makes sure you have all the right pages, Contact Page, About Page, and Legal Pages and even inserts the GDRP-ready forms and features into your site

●  You can earn affiliate profits from your site through Amazon product offers and affiliate links from other platforms on complete autopilot. Just add your links, offers and start earning. So you get another powerful way to sell niche related products. Great income streams selling your own products alongside affiliate products.

●  All the unnecessary pages that WordPress has preinstalled like sample pages, comments, and posts are removed on autopilot.

●     The software also cleverly sets up your permalinks to the post names and deals with loads of WordPress issues that need to be sorted for you. Because of this and the above tasks, it solves setting up a WordPress site the correct way. It is now so easy, and not time consuming at all

●     It will even install all essential plug-ins

Overall your settings, pages and essential plugins, plus all the necessary pages are done for you. So you do not need to spend time sorting out these issues yourself.

What you need to do

To start selling the preloaded products all you need to do is add your PayPal buttons

Add in anymore niche related products you want to sell. These could be Amazon, Warrior Plus, JVZoo or other affiliate networks. You can even add banners.

Digi Store benefits

Sell unlimited products in numerous currencies worldwide

Once sold the product is sent immediately so you have no delivery issues.

No need to worry about on page SEO. Yes, this is even done for you

Your site is fully responsive and even works on mobile devices

If you want to make any changes then the easy to use admin panel allows you to do these.

Launch Your Site

Let us summarise what you will get


Digi Store Main Features

Instant Launcher – Just Upload & Launch Your Site Without any Setup or Technical Knowledge.

The system is designed so that launching your site is almost instant, no setup or configuration needed. No technical expertise needed.

Even a 9-year-old can do this.

This is perfect for newbies or anyone who is scared to launch a website, or does not want to waste time and money.

No need for designers or developers. Hiring these is very costly.

You can make as much money as possible with the Digi Store Builder and that is why they made it so you can sell unlimited units of products to unlimited customers

Pre-Loaded with 10 Digital Products You Can Start Selling Immediately

To help you to get results fast and make sales even faster, that’s why they pre-loaded the site with our own software products, courses and ebooks that you can sell yourself Built-in List Building System Builds Your Email List For You

An Email list is your most important asset in any online business and that’s why they made it possible for you to use the Digi Store Builder to build your Email List

Plus Fast Instant Delivery of Products to Your Customers

Anytime you make a sale from your site, your product will be instantly delivered automatically to your customers. Due to this powerful feature, you have no delivery issues it is immediate

The Built-in Powerful Paypal Integration into Your Store to Start Making Sales in Under 60 Seconds

You are able to accept payments using PayPal without having to deal with any coding is amazing. So just plugin in your PayPal address and the site will instantly send you money every time you make a sale.

More great features

Remember You Get A Fully Mobile Ready Website

With over half of all the internet traffic being on mobile devices, it is super important to have a site that is mobile friendly. Digi Store enables you to build mobile-friendly sites easily

Digi Store Lets You Add And Display Customer Testimonials To Generate More Sales

Social proof and testimonials help sales.

The Powerful Built-In Banner System Shows Ads on Home Page & Internal Pages.

Banner ads are the way big sites make money. You can promote special offers and deals or even promote your other websites/businesses. This gives you another income generating, or traffic generating method to send people to your other sites

Your Digi Store Online Business Can Sell Products in Multiple Currencies

Fully SEO Ready – Rank Sites Fast

As we, All Know SEO is important for traffic and that is why they made sure the site you create is 100% SEO Friendly making it easier for you to rank and get organic free traffic. You can edit the settings from the powerful admin panel. The SEO is already done for you, however, you may want to tweak it even further it is entirely up to you

Download Digi Store Builder now!

How Does It Work?

Upload the DigiStore Builder Files to Your Hosting Account & Extract Them

Step 1

Step 1

Second step

Step 2
Step 2

Login to Your Admin Area – Add Your Paypal Email & Your Store Logo

Let’s go watch this demo video below:

Digi Store Builder

The Good Points

Create your online stores quickly and easily

No technical skills needed as it is super easy to use because all the complicated stuff has been done for you

Add new products in just minutes and save time.

Get leads every day. By simply using the build in lead generation and list building system. This is so powerful.

There are awesome bonuses included. this will be shown later


You need to contact the support desk for any question. However, this is so easy you will not need to do this

In Conclusion

As you can see this will easily help you build an online business

So worry no more about having poor or no technical skills, as this system will get your website ready in no time and making real money.


Get your own copy of Digi Store Builder here!

Now lets look at your payment options


It makes so much more sense to go for the unlimited site license as the possibility of making far more money is obvious. The more sites you have the more sales you will make, and therefore the extra $5 is so cheap. So I recommend this option

Grab your own copy of Digi Store Builder here!

There are Various OTO’s on offer

The first one is a super deal it takes away limits on the number of products you can sell. Plus you get another 10 preloaded products. So, this really increases your profit potential and will build you a much bigger online presence.


OTO 2 New Monthly Products

New Monthly Products: The Second OTO is for people who want to automate monthly new products. Rather than paying for developers, or making your own products, Why not save time and money and have them delivered to you.

What is on offer is a monthly payment that is very small that means you are given new products every month, and all the necessary documents, sales pages, download pages etc. are done for you. So all you need to do is add them to your site and start selling them.

3 new products
3 new products

It is a good offer you can start for $1 then each month the price is $27

OTO 3 Developers Licence

The Third OTO is a Developers License. This allows you to install the system for clients. and you can charge good fees for this service. But, If like me you want to just concentrate on your own stores, then I would suggest not taking this up. However, if you want a second income stream then you could consider this.


It is not an expensive option only $42 but it depends on where your main focus lies. Do you want to concentrate on your main sites or try and combine two income streams?

OTO 4 Web Hosting

OTO 4 Is a one time fee for web hosting. Again this is a good offer and will save you money in the future. But if you already have hosting as I had with Namecheap. Then you may consider what I did as a good idea because I actually invested this.

Once my hosting was up and running I then transferred all my other sites, because every year I was paying for hosting, SSL certificates etc. This was great for me as it saved a fortune. So if you want to save money this is great. Also, if you are new to online marketing and looking for good service then I recommend this.


OTO 5 Resellers licence

Like most big promotions now the developer offers you a chance to resell the product and keep 100% of the profits. However, like I said in previous reviews and also in this one. I tend not to buy this type of OTO as they may take up time from my main business, and this could mean fewer sales. But, if you want to make money this way then you may also consider this.


Let us recap this is a great solution that will build an online digital store for you.

My recommendation is to buy the front end offer and the first two OTO’s. That way you are starting with 20 products to sell, and have no limits. By buying the second OTO you will also have new products each month. This means that by adding new products you will rank higher in Google., because Google ranks sites higher if they are adding new content. New products will, therefore, help you in the eyes of the search engine. So this is really beneficial.

Because of all the powerful features of Digi Store I highly recommend it for people who are serious about building an online business. Not only does it set up your site, and add products for you. It takes away all the coding, designing and other hassles normally associated with building a site. If you take the monthly product option, again, a serious issue is solved. You don’t need to make your own products. You can even add other affiliate products and/ or services alongside your products.

Due to all the behind the scenes programming, this system offers you an easy to use platform. You can just log in and add some settings then your site is ready. It is a simple two-step process, and soon you will be online. Your store ready for visitors, and set up to generate sales.

Get your own copy of Digi Store Builder here!

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