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Commission Gorilla boosts your authority

By stevechic 0 Comment 22/10/2019

Commission Gorilla helps boost your authority. Why become an authority? People don’t want to get their information from just anyone. Instead, they’e looking for a leader. They’re looking for an expert. They’e looking for an authority. That’s why you need to showcase your expertise and position yourself as an authority in your niche. But how do you achieve this desired result?

Here are three tips:

Showcase your credentials. Let people know your skills and abilities. If you have qualifications, experience, expertise or a story that makes you an expert. Then let people know about it. This might include related awards, degrees, special qualifications and so on. Everyone wants to know why they should listen to you and trust you. If you have the desired expertise they are looking for then they will seek you advice.

Another way is to get guest author and speaking spots. The authorities are the ones who are being interviewed on webinars or even on blogs. Submit proposals to talk radio, podcasts, and blogs in your niche to land these guest speaker spots for yourself. These spots will get you recognised as an authority.


By linking with other well known authority figures when launching products or doing webinars. This will also boost your profile. As will adding value to your products. By giving people those little extras that enhance your offer then they will see you as an authority in that field, How can you best provide those little extras for your customers.

Use Commission Gorilla

commission gorilla v2
commission gorilla

It’s no secret that adding value to an offer can boost your conversion rate. What many affiliates don’t know is that this strategy can put up to five times more money in your pocket over not offering a bonus. This strategy is a lot more powerful than many people think! However people still do not do this correctly. Many marketers just offer any free product or piece of plr, software or plugin they have. This does not always relate to the original offer and can even lead to potential customers not proceeding to the purchase. This is because they see the bonuses as worthless and that you are not an expert, just a salesman trying t0 make a quick commission.


But this strategy also takes too much time. You need to know how to design web pages in order to create a good-looking promo page. You need to know how to code to do it right. It’s no wonder so many affiliates don’t bother with this powerful strategy.

Commission Gorilla is the solution.

Use Commission Gorilla. This is an app designed by two super affiliates who wanted to build their own high-impact bonus pages fast. Speed is the key when it comes to affiliate marketing, especially during a product launch. With Commission Gorilla you can create bonus pages in as little as a few minutes (rather than hours or even days). You don’t need design skills or coding skills. You don’t even need your own website.

Check it out for yourself

Once you have Commission Gorilla, you won’t have any more excuses for not offering bonuses!. Here is what it offers a system that is:-

  • 100% Newbie Proof!
  • Incredibly Easy To Use…
  • 100% FREE Page Hosting…
  • Make More With Less Effort!
  • No Installing (Cloud Based)

What Is Commission Gorilla V2?

Commission Gorilla V2 is a web based, affiliate promotion page builder with a whole of conversion boosting tools. All combined with a bonus management system and an in-depth reporting & analytics engine developed exclusively for affiliate marketers.

The software reduces the time & effort typically needed to create a promotional pages & incorporates many winning affiliate marketing strategies that have generated $10M+ in sales commissions and prizes for the producers.

You could say it’s the software for affiliates made by affiliates, but it goes deeper than that. Commission Gorilla took their team over a year to develop and then it for 6 months it was private beta tested. his testing generated over a million dollars in affiliate sales before it’s public roll out.

Use this to help boost your authority status and sales.

But remember that you must offer relevant and valued bonuses. You can upload your own and use these or use ones in the system.


Personally I recommend making a few bonus pages. For example, if you are promoting a traffic generation product. Then make sure that you offer bonuses that teach things like, generating traffic using Youtube. Generating traffic from messenger. Get free traffic by making sure you rank well and have back links. For every product make sure your bonuses are relevant.

Start pro,oting
Page builder

By providing value and the correct bonuses people will trust you and see you as a true authority in your niche.

Promoting takes just 4 Steps:

Pick A Product To Promote:

Commission Gorilla v2 can be used for any type of affiliate promotion across every network – On the JVZoo & Zaxaa networks you can automate your bonus delivery.

Launch Page Builder

With the drag & drop page builder you can build pages anyway you like – Choose colors, drop in bonuses, add text and graphic blocks, buttons, social sharing – it’s easy!

Drag and Drop Your Bonus Blocks

Thanks to the built in bonus block library you can set up & use bonuses again & again, store them & simply drop the entire block into your new bonus page.

Start Sharing Your Page

When your page is complete, use the built in share function to promote it on FB, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn or via email.

Features of Commission Gorilla V2?

The Power Packed Features inside Commission Gorilla

Bonus Library To Store Your Bonuses:

They have included 4 different bonus block layouts for you to select from & you can create and save an unlimited number of bonuses in your library so they are always ready to use when you need them for a new promotion.

It’s all about speed & convenience:

Making a bonus block is easy, it can be a simple image upload, or you can use the built in WYSIWYG editor to build a custom block from scratch. The bonus library also saves down-load/access information to automatically build out your bonus delivery page.

Drag & Drop Bonus Page Builder:

The key to a successful promotion is a great looking page built at speed. With our drag & drop interface you can fully customize how your pages look, add video, graphics, call-to-action buttons, social sharing, text blocks & more…

In minutes and all without ever touching a line of code:

Simply drop in your on-page elements, select bonuses from your library & save the page. Make edits whenever you need and the changes will INSTANTLY be reflected across all locations – your hosted by us pages, self hosted and WP integrations. You can also pause a page & redirect visitors to another URL if needed.

Start Promoting and Sharing Fast!

The second you have finished editing you can be first to market & start promoting your page.

Commission Gorilla has built in Twitter, FB, Google+ and LinkedIn sharing options for you to use immediately for instant traffic. And you’ve the options to download your page (host it yourself), use the free hosting or add the page directly to your WP blog with the free plugin.

As a time saving feature the tool will automatically build a hosted bonus delivery page for you, simply direct your buyers to this page & they can access their bonuses.

Commission Gorilla V2 PRO Features:

Choose Commission Gorilla PRO and get 3 more powerful features guaranteed to turn any promotion into a commission grabbing machine.

Add Countdown Timers To Your Pages:

By limiting the time your bonus is available you are encouraging your visitors to take action right away or they risk missing out on a great deal.

You can use date specific or evergreen timers on all your pages with just a few clicks & select to automatically redirect visitors to any other page when the countdown expires (or simply reset the count-down to start again). Perfect for product releases and works great for ‘set and forget’ time sensitive offers.

Add Attention Bars To Your Pages:

Adding a new bar to your page is simple and it’s a truly effective way to grab your visitor’s attention. Set them to display at the top of your page, change the colors &  fonts, add a timed delay – It’s up to you!

Use your attention bars to highlight a bonus, remind visitors about deadlines, link to demos or videos – You could even use them to link to other promotions or lead capture pages.

Use Exit Pop-Ups To Your Pages:

It’s a fact that not everybody who visits your pages will continue to your recommended offers. Our own testing reveals 50-70% will simply leave no matter how good your bonus is. But with exit redirects you necer loose a customer send them to a free offer so they sign up to your list. Send them to another relevant offer. Here are two great tactics:-

Send visitors who are going to leave your offer page directly to the offer page. This can easily ‘save a sale’ , send visitors to a squeeze page to build your list, you can even show another bonus offer.

Grab your position now and start becoming seen as an authority who provides value and great products

Go ahead check it out. There is a special offer available that I have got hold off for my visitors.

Jump on board

Another easy way to boost commissions is to use video of your products. A simple sales video uploaded to the various video sharing sites will generate backlinks and traffic. Why not create videos directly from your posts and pages and have them uploaded to gain the benefits mentioned before. It is a lot easier than you think.

video robot
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