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crazy traffic explosion

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nformation at your own risk.
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Hello and thank you for picking up Secret Traffic Explosion.
In my report I will reveal the top 20 ad networks for PPC, Contextual
advertising, PPV, quality traffic and more…
In this guide I will reveal the 20 top media buying sources worldwide.
These are networks that get minimum 100 million unique visitors per
You can use these networks to get as much traffic as you want for as
low as $0.01/visitor!
These are “secret” sources actually. I am sure you’ve never heard
most of the networks but they are really really powerful.
Please let me clarify that each network has its own policies, its own
methodology and of course its own unique website design and
You should get familiar to all these web interfaces so as to be able to
utilize all these networks for your own benefit!
Remember that the network’s job is to deliver a high quality visitor
that converts!
Your success is their success…
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Copyright Crazy Traffic Explosion. All rights reserved.
This is their 2nd goal (apart from their 1st which is making money
from advertisers and ordinary people like you and me) 🙂
So, you should expect first class treatment when you enrol to any of
these networks and start an ad campaign…
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Copyright Crazy Traffic Explosion. All rights reserved.
Internet Traffic
I want you to know that when it comes to internet traffic there are
no limits.
The traffic is virtually unlimited!
There will always be people who want to buy traffic (like you and
me). And there will always be networks who aim in selling traffic…
Over 3 billion people have access to the internet as of writing this:
Take a look at the number:
Whether you want 200 visitors or 200.000 visitors, you can explore
the list of ad networks below and find the one that meets your
needs, sign up, create your campaign and start sending visitors to
your site…
Pay attention though to learn how the network operates before
placing a lot of money in any of the networks. You must know what
you are doing or else you risk to lose your money…
Crazy Traffic Explosion 6
Copyright Crazy Traffic Explosion. All rights reserved.
How each networks operates is out of the scope of this guide (it
would take hundreds of hours of video or e-books to explain that for
all networks)
But you can start small and test the traffic. Some networks allow you
to start with small budget.
I recommend you make a search on Google for “Network name how
to” or “Network name secrets” or “Network name tips”
Example–” Adwords how to” …….
If you find something that’s selling (a converting offer) then you can
scale the whole thing up (invest more $$$) and lead thousands of
visitors to the great offer. Then, reap the rewards (commissions or
And always remember that as long as you remain in this ad-network
industry you will learn more and more and gain experience.
You will always discover new things or answers to questions you
had. This is how life works.
So, here’s the list of (SECRET) ad networks for quality traffic, PPC,
Contextual advertising etc.
Be sure to understand how the whole system works with each site
and then make a small deposit at first and drive traffic.
Crazy Traffic Explosion 7
Copyright Crazy Traffic Explosion. All rights reserved.
You will notice there are networks selling cheap traffic. This does not
mean that this traffic is junk. You have to test it with a specific offer
and then make a judgment yourself…
I wish you the best of luck with your exploiting.
Don’t get carried away by these websites as they are really huge!
Most ordinary people like you and me have never even heard the
names of these networks but believe me they are big…

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