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Bing Ads Cheap Traffic

By stevechic 0 Comment 06/11/2019

Bing Ads Get Cheap Traffic ith

 An Introduction to Bing Ads

Why use Bing Ads ? If you’re looking to promote your brand online, then the first place to look is to Pay Per Click

campaigns. A Pay Per Click campaign means that you pay each time a user actually clicks on one of your ads. There are several things that make this a fantastic way to generate traffic, which we’ll look at later.

For now though, suffice to say that Pay Per Click gives you the precise control that any advertising
campaign needs and allows you to build a perfect business plan with a precise advertising
spend, target demographic and profit margin.

But when it comes to Pay Per Click, only one word will often come to mind: Google AdWords. Google
AdWords is by far the biggest Pay Per Click platform and the one that most new marketers will go to

But there are other options out there. 

And actually, focusing on only Google AdWords can be a big mistake for your campaign. We’ll look in more detail at why this is in the coming chapters but suffice to say that Google AdWords is actually more expensive, more competitive and less precise in many ways.

This is where Bing Ads come in. 

Bing Ads can help you to reach an entirely different section of your market while avoiding direct competition with some of the bigger competitors in the field. As we’ll learn, Bing Ads can offer you the perfect ‘back door’ and even help your rankings on Google. It’s the perfect starting point for the small, lean business and a very wise ‘backup’ source of traffic for ALL online businesses. In this book, you’ll learn more about Bing and how it differs to Google. You’ll learn why it’s crucial to start paying attention to Bing and you’ll learn how to take advantage of all its unique features. At the same time, we’ll also be going in depth looking at the best practices
for creating successful Pay Per Click advertising campaigns on Google OR Bing and we’ll see how this
can be employed as part of a comprehensive business plan

Traffic with Bing Ads

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