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Affiliate Marketing: How to get started?

By stevechic 0 Comment 24/02/2019

Affiliate Marketing: 

For any online affiliate marketing business having an email list is so important. You can promote to these potential customers easily and it is far cheaper than other methods. Social media adds cost a lot and are difficult to target. Whereas your email list is already targetted for your niche. Sending an email does not cost anything and over time your subscribers will have built up the trust for your brand, and await your emails.

Of course, you do not need a list and could use traffic generation methods, free or paid methods to drive people to your offers. However, this takes more time than having your own list. I found this out the hard way and was at first just sending traffic to affiliate pages and waiting for people to would buy. The problem is if they do not buy then how do you get to contact them again. Obviously, they were interested in your offer but something stopped them buying. Now they are gone forever. That is where using opt-in forms to collect their email has such a great benefit to your future income.

However, I wanted an easier way and started to research email marketing and solutions available. I was no good at HTML or SEO, and as for writing emails that were time-consuming. I wanted a complete system that would build my list, make sales and provide promotions tools to drive traffic.

Affiliate Marketing: How to do Affiliate Marketing effectively?

When starting out what you need to do is have landing pages. These have opt-in forms on them and when people sign up they get added to your list.

You also need an email service provider so you can connect your option forms to your list.

Next, you need an autoresponder. This is important as you will be able to schedule future emails to your list. When you are promoting products most providers will provide you will emails that you can just load into your autoresponder.

This may sound complicated as you have so many options of providers to create landing opt-in pages, and autoresponders to choose from. There are also platforms out there that actually give you all the landing pages for numerous affiliate products. They host everything for you on secure servers and even run your autoresponder and email marketing.

The way this works is you just drive traffic to these landing pages, and people sign up to your list. Then the system kicks in and emails for you.

There are a few systems that I recommend that helped me get started.

Affiliate Marketing: How to get started!

I started using this when I started as it gave me all the landing pages to promote, a free autoresponder email system, and emails and promotional materials to use.

The promotional materials they provide are:

Pre-written emails


Banner Ads

Opt-in forms you can add to your own site

Social Media Promotion platform

They provide everything and it was so well priced.

How Covert Commissions helped me

What it meant to me was that I did not need to spend time designing opt-in forms, creating banners, writing emails and setting up and paying for an autoresponder. I could use a free Blogger Blog or even a word press site to set up my advertisements to send traffic.

The system also provided me with essential training on free and paid traffic generation. If you are like me I prefer free traffic as setting up ads can be very costly.

So what I had to do was to send traffic to my page through the link they gave me. This is one example of a page they set up for me.

landing page
landing page

This is a page designed to capture a sign up. It has the option on it. The subscriber will go to your hosted autoresponder list. Then the system can email them for you. Once signed in they will be sent to the offer.

What else does Covert Commissions do?

This is where the system really kicks in. The emails subscribers receive are for affiliate offers that you have been approved for in the system. So as people buy the offers from the emails you get paid. Now what I did was keep some of the profits generated but used some to open up new offers in the system. This really helped me scale up my business.

So instead of paying money monthly for an autoresponder I just paid one time. The advantage of this is that with most autoresponders as you get more subscribers and send more emails they charge you more. They get you started with cheap monthly fees but then your costs go up and up.

To get started with email marketing I recommend Covert Commissions.

If you are interested you can read my review here

After a while, I decided I wanted more control over the actual products I was promoting. The covert commission system is great and you can add products as you go along.

If you want more control then I would suggest Affiliate Genie or Affiliate Academics

Starting Affiliate Marketing With Affiliate Genie

The main difference here with this system is that they have readily designed landing pages. However what I like is that you can easily edit these with your own affiliate links, option forms and also add videos.

Build Your List And make Money
Affiliate Genie Templates

Complete marketing system when you log in this is what you get. You have pages of products already selected that convert well. Then you just select one of the many pages of templates to use to promote the product.

Promotional templates
Affiliate Genie Templates
Design Your Template

Editing Affiliate Genie

As you can see each template comes with a video. However, you can remove these and place in any embed code from your YouTube, Vimeo or other video sites. Enter the embed code where shown

Just Complete The Boxes
Easy To Edit

If you have videos on YouTube then use these. You can select from a wide range of buttons

Select A Button
Order Buttons

Headings, text anything is easy to edit. And then you just add your opt-in code. Add your affiliate link, change the text, colour and even add other codes may be for google analytics, Facebook pixel or another tracking

Change Text
Change Colours

After editing

When you are happy with the design you can download it to your computer and upload easily to your blog or WordPress site. This is awesome as you are generating and hosting your own landing pages for products you want to promote. You can add any product to a template easily. All you need to do is get accepted on the affiliate platform, like JV Zoo, Warrior Plus, Click bank or Even Amazon and start promoting.

What I liked was the ability to promote both physical and downloadable products. I used this to promote Amazon products using videos I found for the products online.

This added a new income stream to my online business. I could promote anything. Creating land in pages is a great way to get subscribers and make sales.

This system is good but there is a more powerful system that will easily make you a super affiliate.

Affiliate Marketing Systems Compared

Again the system gives you all the training you need and comes ready stocked with over 50 products to just get approved for and promote. The difference here to Covert Commissions is you can design your own landing pages and send sign-ups to your own autoresponder.

Now this is where Covert Commissions has one advantage as the autoresponder and follow up emails are done for you. With Affiliate Genie you need your own autoresponder. Also, Covert Commissions gives you lots of promotional materials to drive traffic to your landing pages. However, saying that I liked to be able to design my own landing pages and put these on my site.

If you want a complete system that will also include the autoresponder feature as well as being able to design your own landing pages then the system I would suggest is called Affiliate Academics. I came across this through a personal friends recommendation.

Affiliate Marketing with Affiliate Academics

Members Area
Members Area Features

This offers even more for newbies to get started online. How this works is you get opt-in forms that direct you to a landing page for the product. So people sign up and then get sent to the offer.

When you log in you come to this screen.

Members Area
Affiliate Academics Members Area

You immediately have access to proven to convert email templates

Proven Traffic generating Methods.

You have access to clone proven promotions and generate income quickly using these

And access to the affiliate funnels studio

design from scratch
affiliate funnel studio

This goes one step further than Affiliate Genie. There you could only edit landing pages. With Affiliate Funnel Studio you can easily design from scratch. The template is so easy to use


How to edit

You just fill in the boxes with the information required, choose your design and colours and add your links. That is all you need to do.

When you have your funnels designed and have cloned the others you are given. You are given two links. One is used to send traffic to sign up on your page. The other embed link you can host your page on your own site. Like the one below

So this operates like Covert Commissions. You send the traffic to an opt-in page then they get redirected to the offer page. These opt-in pages are great as they give free products so people are likely to sign up. They are automatically put on the autoresponder that is hosted for you, or again you can add your own.

When people go here and sign up they get sent to the landing page.

Landing Page
Landing Page

Now what you have is someone signed up to your list and also maybe they will go onto buy

Benefits of this system

You do not have to design your own pages you can just clone them
As well as all this you get instant access in the affiliates area to promote some high commission and high selling products. These will generate high commissions and repeat commissions for you. To help rapidly boost your monthly earnings.

So three complete system each has its own unique benefits. I have personally used them all and they all work. It really depends on what you want. If you are new to this industry and want to not be involved with anything apart from driving traffic then Covert Commissions is for you. I would suggest if you are interested then read through all the reviews so you can weigh up the benefits of each one. Then you can make a valid decision

Check out reviews of them here:

Covert Commissions

Make Commissions Easily
Done For You Business

If you want to become a super affiliate then I highly recommend joining affiliate academics where you will get:

All the resources you need

Great Training

Plus the complete system used by a top super affiliate

Affiliate Academics Overview
Affiliate Academics

Affiliate Academics

Want to know more about affiliate marketing. Then read my blog post Affiliate Marketing Summarised

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