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Affiliate Marketing Success

By stevechic 0 Comment 02/03/2019

Affiliate Success My Experiences

Are You An Affiliate?

Do You Want Affiliate Marketing Success?

Have you every tried earning online but were disappointed with your results?

Affiliate Marketing Success does not come quickly. I Spent a couple of years just buying every so-called guaranteed method and struggling through them. Some did achieve some success but not as much as they said. You find new software, training tools, etc coming out nearly every day. They all seem to promise so much but from my experience beware they do not always deliver.

Other things I found out

I also found over time that many things were just old products rehashed.

My main advice to anyone is:

  1. Do not do what I did!!!!. Get off of mailing lists and that way you will not be tempted to keep buying stuff that you do not really need.
  2. Stick to what you have and that way you will be able to concentrate on one system at a time and achieve success with it.

I kept buying and instead of concentrating on one system I was dabbling in loads wasting both my time and money. Finally, when I got off the lists I was able to concentrate and found what worked and what did not. So do not get distracted by offers to achieve Affiliate Marketing Success you must concentrate on what you have.

Due to my experiences, I decided it was time that I helped others out, and stopped them getting ripped off. So I started this blog.

I know being new you hear all these stories of going from rags to riches. You see amazing photos, screenshots claiming wealth. However, when you buy the products you find it does not deliver. Yes, unfortunately, there are people out there who actually just sell products, either rehashed old ones or new ones that really do not work. Over the years yo get to know the honest marketers and the ones to trust. But please get off the lists of the others. I wasted money on things I did not need.

All I am saying to you is be aware. I was given the advice from a well-respected marketer to just concentrate on the software I had and the systems that I need to set up and get the whole process going.

Affiliate Marketing is a great way to earn online but Affiliate Marketing Success does not come fast

However, when you start out it can be difficult and hard to know what to do. You are presented with so many options.

  • Do you go for the done for you systems, or build your own site or blog?
  • Do you become an affiliate selling other peoples physical products, digital products or services? There are so many affiliate programs out there that pay you commissions for advertising their products. Personally, I went for a mixture. I use affiliate platforms for digital products. These you can find in any niche you choose. The main reason for my choice was that people like finding niche specific products they are searching for and be able to pay and get access straight away. Also, you are not involved in any stock, delivery or customer service and refunds. Physical products are good too but people have to await delivery.

If you do not want to get involved with all the hassle of building sites, advertising on social media and other platforms then you may choose a done for you system. To be honest these are a great way to quickly and easily achioeve Affiliate Marketing Success.

Over the years these have really improved. They have adapted to the needs of the Affiliate Program Providers. You can now get systems that add products, reviews, videos and update automatically. Many even have built-in advertising for you on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and many more. So not only do you get a ready-made store filled with products, that is SEO optimised for the search engines, but they will auto update so improving rankings. Old systems did place products for you but updating was a problem, Also much of the advertising you had to do yourself.

If you want to promote Amazon, eBay and Aliexpress products I would recommend this system

Digi Store Builder   

This is amazing they even provide you with your first digital products to sell. Check out the review here if you want to easily build a digital product empire. This will help you achieve Affiliate Marketing Success

Digi Store Builder   

If you prefer to sell physical products using companies like Amazon, eBay and Aliexpress then the complete solution I recommend is Instazon. This helps you find a perfect niche, perfect keywords, builds your store, and even helps you promote your products across social media. It truly is a complete system

Instazon your own online store Review

Also if you are a newbie you will find that not all training courses are what they say they are. You may even invest in membership sites that train you but find the whole thing is outdated. However, there are some courses that you can trust

Affiliate Marketing Success:  What can be done?

You can try and find a system that works. But that can cause you to waste more time and money.

You may even start to suffer from information overload, or find it hard to decide which path to follow.

I know I researched and invested in courses and suffered from all of the above.

Do you want Affiliate Marketing Success?

If you answered yes, then the following information is for you.

Finally, achieve the results you deserve for all your hard work.

My friend and very experienced online marketer Billy Darr has opened up a course that will take you from nothing to earning easily online.

Affiliate Marketing Success

There is one amazing course that I use and it has bought me great success. It is called Affiliate Funnel Clones. The system has everything you need, complete training, tools, funnel build and so much more to build your online business and also a huge email list. I have provided a review here if you want to check it out Affiliate Funnel Clones

As You Can See there are so many options.

Do you sell physical or digital, or even your own products

What do you need to do to build your own site? Maybe pay people to do it, or get an already made system?

Why do you need an email list, and lead capture forms?

How do you drive traffic?

This last question is one of the hardest. Again you have choices you can use paid traffic or free traffic. The best way to get free traffic is to make sure your site is fully SEO optimised. Today, this is easy to do as you can add WordPress plugins to your site to guide you. You can also use social media to generate free traffic. Media like FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram, and many more. If you search online you will find many software platforms that aim to provide this service like Sharp Social

However again you can easily find free WordPress plugins

There are so many things to consider and you will find reviews and advice throughout my blog.

One of the easiest and simplest ways to earn online is with Clickbank and I would recommend checking out how you can easily earn passive income on this platform.

Looking to et more traffic from twitter on autopilot. Then this is what you need

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