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Affiliate Funnel Clones Review

By stevechic 0 Comment 03/01/2019

 Affiliate Funnel Clones

affiliate Funnels

Affiliate Funnel Clones: How to Build an Email List Fast –

Affiliate Funnel Clones asks : 

What makes companies like Amazon Netflix and uber so successful. They grow faster than the competition!!!!, But How Do They Do This?

Affiliate Funnel Clones helps by combining lead generation and selling into one simple step think about it before you can buy from Amazon, watch a movie on Netflix, or get an uber ride first you’ve got to sign up for something. That means you have to get on their list.  So at the same time, these companies are making front-end sales, they are also building a list of subscribers to make future sales.

How Affiliate Funnel Clones Helps

Now once, you know how to do the same thing you can make money anywhere and anytime you like regardless if you’re a newbie, intermediate or expert.  Like  Alan Magliocca says “until I learned how to combine list building and selling into one simple step I struggled for years as an online marketer but since then I’ve been able to drive over ten million dollars in digital online sales.  Coach others how to do the same and some students have even become millionaires from this strategy and in the next few minutes I’m going to show you how you can apply this for yourself in your own business Now all it takes is a very simple yet a very specific type of funnel to make this work I’m sure you’re thinking if it’s so simple Then why in the heck isn’t everybody in the world doing it right and that’s a great question now.” He shows and explains in the video exactly what is needed to gain sales and emails so you can recontact people in the future to generate more sales.

So start earning today

Affiliate Funnel Clones Training

Traditional online training systems which teach lead generation and selling as two different steps and that is why people are not doing it right.  Also, the tools involved things like hosting, page builders, funnel builders and Autoresponders are often complicated and always cost money. So people are forced to spend big dollars up front before you ever make a dime. So even though a combined lead and sales funnel can sound simple in theory. Putting one into place that actually makes money is very expensive very time-consuming and very frustrating, to be honest as well. So here you get all the training, tools and traffic systems you need.

Build Multiple Funnels

That all changes today my friend now I want you to imagine you could have multiple funnels in place in just minutes from now. Each proven to generate both affiliate commissions and leads without needing extra software or a website or hosting. Setup can be done in under ten minutes with zero skills required now if you’re like most you wouldn’t believe this was possible. Right, but this dream of an all-in-one automated funnel solution came to me a year ago. But you see I needed some help to make it happen, so I partnered up with Ryan Alaire. He’s behind multiple seven-figure product launches, and elite marketers like Russell Brunson to help get ideas about launching. And I also asked the guy named Simon Harris to join us now Simon is the man behind some of the most successful Jvzoo product launches in JXzoo history. Plus we all have the proven ability to profit in multiple niches and together we developed an automated platform that creates subscribers and commissions 100% passively and includes multiple traffic sources. So you can be in profit inside 24 hours from now.

Now the platform is called affiliate funnel clones and there’s simply nothing like it on the market at any price and even if you’ve never made a penny online you simply plug this in, and you could be profiting by tomorrow morning.

Want to scale your current business or add new income streams?

There’s no faster way to do it?

Here’s how it works?

Affiliate Funnel Clones Software

Inside our cloud-based software, you get five fully built proven to convert funnels including optimized landing pages. Plus evergreen products to promote.  Each funnel has been tested in depth by the team for the last several months.  Select one of our favourite traffic methods and yes we’ll show you how to set these up.  Then turn it on and you can watch these funnels generate both leads and commissions.

Now each funnel is monetized in three different ways for you, with lead capture to build your list.  With exit pops that direct visitors to automated webinars.  Monetized with your affiliate link all completely and automatically done for you with zero work on your end. Use your own autoresponder or throw your leads safely, and securely, and for free on our cloud-based servers. ( again at no charge) You can use the recommended products or any products that you wish from any affiliate or CPA network or even your own product links. There are no monthly expenses. Affiliate Academics give you the landing pages and host them for you.

Affiliate Funnel Clones Traffic Solutions

There are proven traffic sources to start making money fast and then scale up as much as you want as fast as you want.  Now there’s really no limit to how much you can grow your income. You can use the system as is for a completely done-for-you Income solution or like us plug in different products into these pre-built templates. You can build as many funnels as you want easily, linking to any product you want. That’s the winners and start earning from multiple offers and multiple sub-niches.

Now if you’re thinking this sounds, too good to be true. Look we get it because we’re making some big claims here. So we have this entire platform beta tested by over a hundred users from all walks of life and backgrounds Now the results shocked even us and below you’re gonna hear their personal results from using the software now.  This is one time you really need to drop what you’re doing okay? And check the complete details below because affiliate funnel clones change everything instant income and lead generation multiple profits. Takes 10 minutes setup max with no skills required.

The only way for you to mess this up is to not plug it in.  Now make sure you check out both the user reviews and the testimonials below this video and see how well this automated system truly works

Here is a summary of what Affiliate Funnel Clones has to offer:

  • Provide a stunning page builder which allows you to generate any kind of promotional page that you want by utilizing the done-for-you templates, or you can even produce a new one using the built-in tools
  • Offer 5 custom templates that can be edited easily, and they cover a wide range of trending niche markets
  • Supply a third-party hosting service via Google Cloud Engine, which is basically a premium Google hosting service, so you won’t have to host the sites by yourself
  • Exhibit the domains that you follow and like onto your website in a few simple clicks
  • Let the drag-n-drop editor customize your pages based on your wishes
  • Guide users through the process of using Affiliate Funnel Clones with a thorough video training course

  • So start earning today


In summary, you get ready-made funnels to start earning from immediately. Plus you have all you need to easily build more funnels and upgrade your online business easily. So start collecting emails and sales today to builds a long time business.

Listen to the interview below with the creator of Affiliate Funnel Clones 

So start earning today

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